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Lesse S. 
“Psychodynamic relationships between the degree of anxiety and other clinical symptoms.”. 
J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1958;127:124-130.
LSD (orally) or mescaline (i.v.) was given to 25 cases of severe schizophrenia. 21 (84%) demonstrated an increase in anxiety before other symptoms became manifest. A similar pattern of symptoms was seen in 40 (93%) of 43 cases of severe schizophrenia subjected to craniotomy under local anesthesia, and in 91 (81%) of 112 patients seen in acute panic reactions. There was a close and immediate relationship between the degree of anxiety and the appearance of other symptoms: the greater the stress, the greater the degree of anxiety; the greater the degree of anxiety, the greater the number of symptoms. . In 17 (68%) of the 25 patients given LSD or mescaline the i.v. injection of chlorpromazine or promazine aborted the increasing anxiety. The symptoms disappeared in the reverse order to that in which they appeared. Similarly, the general pattern of symptom disappearance was the reverse of symptom appearance in 144 (82%) of 175 patients treated with psychotherapy and ataraxic drugs.
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