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Monnier M. 
“Topic action of psychotropic drugs on the electrical activity of cortex, rhinencephalon and mesodiencephalon (excitement, tranquilization, sedation and sleep).”. 
Psychotropic drugs. 1957;p217.
Specific ergotropic drugs (LSD, cocaine, amphetamine and levallorphan) induce arousal alertness, excitement, restlessness and sympathetic visceral symptoms in the rabbit. They act by increasing or not affecting the excitability of the midbrain reticular system, by depressing the activity of the medial intra- laminary thalamic system and decreasing its recruiting action of the cortex, and by depressing the excitability of the rhinencephalon. . Specific trophotropic drugs (morphine, levorphan and chlorpromazine) induce drowsiness, sleep, indifference to external stimuli, analgesia and parasympathetic symptoms. They act by depressing the reticular system, enhancing the recruiting activity of the medial intralaminary thalamic system and activating the rhinencephalon. . Reserpine differes from the specific trophotropic drugs in that it does not depress the reticular formation at the midbrain level but at thalamocortical levels. It therefore produces a mixed arousal and relaxation pattern in the EEG.
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