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Giberti F, Gregoretti L. 
“Studio comparativo degli effetti psicopatologici della monoetilamide dell'acido lisergico (LAE 32) e della dietilamide dell'acido lisergico (LSD 25) in soggetti neurotici.”. 
Sistema nerv.. 1958;10:97.
The pathopsychological and autonomic effects of LAE (0.5 mg i.m.) in 16 chronic neurotics were compared with those produced in the same subjects by LSD (100 mcg orally). . LAE caused autonomic responses (transient hypertension, mydriasis, nausea and vomiting), giddiness, paraesthesias, weakness, reduction in spontaneous movements, and mood changes (predominantly apathy, less frequently euphoria). Other effects (hallucinations, depersonalization, etc.) were less frequent than after LSD. . The symptoms produced by LAE were more uniform, constant and specific than those produced by LSD. There was a positive correlation between the type and degree of reaction to LAE and the pre-drug personality structure, but the correlation was less than with LSD. . In a certain number of cases, LAE seemed a useful aid in the determination of the neurotic structure.
Notes # : (auch LAE 24)
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