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Pierre R, Cahn J, Herold M, Georges G. 
“Actions de la 21 hydroxypregnanedione et du méthyl-androstanolone sur le système nerveux central”. 
Thérapie. 1958;13:460.
Hydroxypregnandione and methylandrostanolone potentiate the effects of barbiturates in rats and mice and also exert an anticonvulsant action. They inhibit the tremor and catatonia produced by tremorine and prochlorperazine. . EEG changes induced in rabbits by LSD (50 mcg/kg daily for 2 weeks s.c.) were prevented and inhibited by both agents. . LSD-induced effects on cerebral metabolism in rabbits: hydroxypregnandione, which itself reduced cerebral metabolism, did not modify the inhibiting effect of LSD on glucose consumption, but it antagonized the inhibition of inorganic phosphate consumption and potassium loss. Methylandrostanolone exerted a regulatory effect on cerebral metabolism: it antagonized the inhibiting effect of LSD on carbohydrate metabolism, increasing phosphate consumption to normal levels. Potassium loss was not affected.
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