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Yui T, Takeo Y. 
“Neuropharmacological studies on a new series of ergot alkaloids. The effects on electrocorticogram of rabbits”. 
Jap. J. Pharmacol.. 1958;7:162.
In the curarised rabbit agroclavine and elymoclavine produced an "alerting" pattern indistinguishable from that produced by acoustic and sensory stimulation, LSD, methylamphetamine and physostigmine. The effects of agroclavine, elymoclavine and LSD were inhibited by pre-treatment with clorpromazine, reserpine or meprobamate. The effect of methylamphetamine were inhibited by chlorpromazine but not by reserpine. The effect of physostigmine was not influenced by these agents. . In the non-curarised rabbit dihydroagroclavine and dihydroelymoclavine produced slow waves and spindles, occasionally interrupted by slow, low-voltage waves. . See also No. 494.
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