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Bente D, Itil T, Schmid EE. 
“Elektroencephalographische Studien zur Wirkungsweise des LSD 25.”. 
Psychiatr. et neurol.. 1958;135:273.
LSD i.v. in human beings accelerated EEG rhythm and simultaneously reduced amplitude leading to a flatter tracing and desynchronization. . Slowing of the EEG rhythm induced by barbiturates i.v. or chlorpromazine i.v. was prevented by previous administration of 40-80 mcg. LSD i.v. . Slowing of the EEG rhythm induced by electro-convulsive therapy and protracted treatment with chlorpromazine and reserpine was inhibited by 20 to 80 mcg. LSD i.v. . Paroxysmal slow EEG rhythms in cases of epilepsy were accelerated by 20 to 150 mcg. LSD i.v. . Thus, LSD not only exerts psychic effects but also has simultaneous electrophysiological effects.
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