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Freeman H. 
“Pupil dilatation in normal and schizophrenic subjects following lysergic acid diethylamide ingestion.”. 
Arch. Neurol. Psychiatr.. 1958;79:341.
The pupillary reactions of 10 schizophrenics to 75 mcg LSD orally were essentially the same as those of 10 normal subjects. LSD-induced pupillary dilatation can therefore not be used to distinguish the two groups. . All the normal subjects showed some psychological disturbance after LSD. It was marked in 5 cases, moderate in 3 and mild in 2. Only two schizophrenics showed any psychological disturbance after LSD. . The study was terminated two hours after the administraiton of LSD by giving chlorpromazine orally. . Pupillary dilatation has been frequently noted after LSD. See No. 354, No. 441.
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