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Hoch PH. 
“Remarks on LSD and mescaline”. 
J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1957;125:442.
Several drugs (e.g. barbiturates, amphetamine, mescaline and LSD) are now used in conjunction with psychotherapy. The psychodynamic material released through these drugs is not specific to any one of the drugs. LSD and mescaline may facilitate psychotherapy but they may also impair transference and cooperation. They release a great deal of material in a comparatively short time in patients whose psychodynamic structure is not known. The advantages of LSD and mescaline are that they do not greatly interfere with consciousness and that the patient remains in full contact with the therapist and is able to report his experiences. LSD and mescaline can be used as adjuncts to psychotherapy but it has not been proved that they are superior to drugs already in use. They cannot be compared with tranquilizers which reduce instead of aggravating the patient's symptoms.
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