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Murphree HB, De Maar EWJ, Williams HL, Bryan LL. 
“Effects of lysergic acid derivatives on man; antagonism between d-lysergic acid diethylamide and its 2-brom congener”. 
J. Pharmacol. & Exper. Therap.. 1958;122:55A.
BOL (200 to 500 mcg orally) caused no definite psychic symptoms: the only somatic effect was anisocoria. These doses of BOL did not block the psychic effects of LSD (25 to 100 mcg orally) given 1 to 3 hours later but did block the effect of LSD on blood pressure and pupil diameter. Very high doses of BOL (500 mcg given 24, 12 and 3 hours before 100 mcg LSD orally had a certain subjective LSD-like effect referable more to bodily than psychic functions and somewhat enhanced the psychic effects of LSD. . Lysergic acid pyrrolidid (LPD 824) given in cumulative doses (up to 800 mcg. orally) had a transient [psychic] effect corresponding to that of 80 LSD. L-LSD in cumulative doses up to a total of 4 mg. had no effect.
Notes # : (auch BOL 51)
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