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de Salva S, Evans RA. 
“Reversal of the effects of central nervous system depressants on EST by hypophysectomy.”. 
J. Pharmacol. & Exper. Therap.. 1958;122:18a.
LSD produced excitement and sweating followed by depression in normal rats and sham rage without sweating in hypophysectomized rats. Serotonin caused questionable excitement followed by depression in intact rats and definite initial excitement followed by depression in hypophysectomized rats. Ephedrine had similar effects. Atropine and benadryl had no effect in normal rats but induced excitement in hypophysectomized rats. [The effect of these drugs on the electroshock threshold (EST) is not indicated.] . Dilaantin, reserpine, mescaline, benactyzine, phenyltoloxamine and chlorpromazine raised the EST in normal rats. After hypophysectomy the EST was not altered by dilantin but lowered by the other drugs. Chlorpromazine produced an initial increase and a secondary decrease. Phenobarbital and central muscle relaxants (e.g. mephenesin) raised the EST in normal and hypophysectomized rats. The study shows that hypophysectomy diminishes the depressive responses and increases the excitatory responses to most of the drugs. The mechanism involved has a supra-spinal location as it is not affected by central muscle relaxants.
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