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Zaguirre JC. 
“Behavioral reactions to illusionogenic substances.(Studies on artificially induced mental illness).”. 
Philippine Fed. Private Med. Pract.. 1957;7:1376.
LSD (up to 2 mcg/kg orally or parenterally) was given to 8 normal subjects and 21 psychiatric patients. The reaction exhibited the following phases: neurophysiological phase, psychopharmacological phase and recovery phase. In 26 instances the reaction was terminated by tranquilizers. The relevant findings will be reported later. In 3 cases where no antidote was given, the recovery phase lasted 4 to 12 hours. . Placebos exerted some initial effects in 6 of 23 cases studied. . A comparative study of LSD and mescaline (9 cases) will be reported later. . The author prefers to call drugs such as LSD and mescaline "illusionogenics" rather than "hallucinogenics" since they invariably produce illusions but comparatively rarely produce hallucinations.
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