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Varela G, Palencia L, Vázquez A. 
“Utilización del pex Lebistes reticulatus (Guppy) en el diagnóstico de la toxoplasmosis”. 
Rev. Inst. saluby. enferm. trop.. 1957;17:75.
Extracts from brain, peritoneal exudate and spleen of white mice with severe experimental toxoplasmosis contain a substance which is probably identical with LSD. The substance was detected by using the chromatophores of the female guppy fish, Lebistes reticulatus, (method of Cerletti & Perde, Experientia 11: 312, 1955). . The results were positive for all the extracts from mice infected with Toxoplasma gondii but not for extracts from mice infected with other parasites (Trypanosoms lewisi, Plasmodium berghei and Trichinella spiralis). The results were also negative for extracts made from tissues.
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