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Olds J. 
“Self-stimulation of the brain. Its use to study local effects of hunger, sex, and drugs.”. 
Science. 1958;127:315.
Self-stimulation of the brain allows an animal to deliver electric shocks to its brain through implanted electrodes. The influence of various experimental conditions, prolonged studies, hunger and androgens on self-stimulation are reported. . Chlorpromazine had markedly inhibitor effects on self-stimulation when the electrodes were in the ventral posterior hypothalamus. It may be assumed that the drug acts selectively either on this part of the brain or on some of the areas to which it projects. . LSD and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) exhibited two types of interaction: 1: In certain parts of the hypothalamus and telencephalon 5-HT did not antagonize the inhibitor effect of LSD on self-stimulation. In those cases BOL 148 had the same effect as LSD. 2: With electrodes in other regions 5-HT antagonized the inhibitor effect of LSD. In these cases BOL 148 exerted no inhibitor effect on self-stimulation.
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