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Lecomte J, Fischer P. 
“5-Hydroxytryptamine et choc anaphylactique du lapin.”. 
Arch. internat. physiol.. 1958;66:50.
Gynergen, DHE, Hydergine, BOL, LSD and, according to other authors, promethazine and chlorpromazine inhibit the cardiovascular effects of serotonin given i.v. (fall in systemic blood pressure, rise in pulmonary blood pressure). Only LSD and Hydergine inhibit the circulatory symptoms of anaphylactic shock in the rabbit sensitized to egg albumin. Pretreatment with reserpine, which reduces the amount of endogenous serotonin, is without effect. Evidently, serotonin does not play a role in anaphylactic shock in the rabbit, although it is liberated during the shock and is released in greater amounts after slight shock caused by a second injection of a small amount of the entigen.
Notes # : (auch Hyg 886, DHE 626, BOL 50, Gy exp 777)
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