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Broghammer H, Takagi K, Schaefer H. 
“Die Wirkung von Lysergäure-Diäthylamid (LSD) und Urethan auf die Tätigkeit eines sympathischen Ganglions.”. 
Arch. exper. Path. Pharmak.. 1957;230:358.
A close intra-arterial injection of LSD (10-30 mcg) was made into the stellate ganglion of cats under ether anesthesia. The postganglionic action potentials were recorded. LSD slightly inhibited spontaneous activity and the effect of pre-ganglionic stimulation. A subsequent potentiation of spontaneous activity was apparently due to a central action and could be demonstrated after i.v. injection. . In cats anesthetized with urethane, LSD was practically without effect. This was due to a competitive antagonism, as was shown by experiments with injection of both agents close to the ganglion. Urethane markedly reduced spontaneous activity and the effect of pre-ganglionic stimulation, apparently be sealing off the membranes. If LSD was injected 1.5 minutes before urethane, no inhibitory effect was seen. On the other hand, LSD given after urethane had no effect. . Mescaline (10-40 mcg.) injected close to the ganglion, always inhibited ganglionic function.
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