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Hoffer A. 
“Adrenochrome in blood plasma”. 
Am. J. Psychiatr.. 1958;114:752.
LSD given to 5 normal subjects (100 mcg orally) and 3 sober alcoholics (200-300 mcg) (orally) markedly increased adrenochrome levels in plasma. The height of the adrenochrome levels 2-4 hours after LSD coincided well with the peak of the psychotic effect of LSD. Adrenochrome levels were normal after 48 hours. . This increase in adrenochrome levels and the evidence of the psychotomimetic effects of adrenochrome (Hoffer et al., J. Ment. Sci. 100: 29, 1954) suggest that one of the basic mechanisms of LSD activity is the production of adrenochrome.
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