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Slater PE, Morimoto K, Hyde RW. 
“The effects of group administration upon symptom formation under LSD.”. 
J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1957;125:312.
LSD (1 mcg/kg) [orally?] was given to 72 normal subjects. 24 were given LSD when they were alone and 48 when they were in groups of two or more. . The subjects given LSD in groups tended to have manic of schizo-affective reactions while those given LSD when they were alone tended to have schizophrenic-turmoil reactions. The subjects given LSD when they were alone showed more anxiety, depression, inappropriate behavior, underactivity, sensory illusions and hallucinations, thought and speech disturbances, and somatic symptoms. The subjects given LSD in group showed more elation. . There were no differences between the two types of study with regard to the incidence of feelings of unreality, disturbances of body image, and impairment of attention. There were no differences in the overall severity of the reaction to LSD.
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