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Carlson VR. 
“Individual pupillary reactions to certain centrally acting drugs in man”. 
J. Pharmacol. & Exper. Therap.. 1957;121:501.
In 10 normal subjects LSD caused pupillary dilatation, the effect of 100 mcg. by mouth being greater than that of 50 mcg. LSD had a significantly greater effect on the constricted pupil than on the dilated pupil. . Chlorpromazine produced pupillary constriction, the effect of a high dose being greater than that of a low dose. . Meperidine had little effect. Secobarbital had no effect. . The degree of probability that the individual variations in pupillary response were not accidental agreed exactly with the descending order of potency on the pupil: LSD, chlorpromazine, meperidine and secobarbital. . Subjects exhibiting a great effect after LSD tended to show relatively little effect after chlorpromazine, and vice versa.
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