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Monroe RR, Heath RG, Mickle WA, Llewellyn RC. 
“Correlation of rhinencephalic electrograms with behavior. A study on humans under the influence of LSD and mescaline.”. 
EEG & Clin. Neurophysiol.. 1957;9:623.
A study was made of LSD, its levorotatory isomer and mescaline in 6 patients (5 schizophrenics, 1 paralysis agitans) with implanted cortical and sub-cortical electrodes. . The most significant response to LSD and mescaline was the appearance of subcortical paroxysmal activity. Paroxysmal activity induced in the hippocampal, amygdaloid and septal regions was associated with behavior changes; these were evident in all 6 patients and ranged from anxiety to hallucinating psychoses. . Chlorpromazine effectively blocked both the behavioral and EEG effects. Frenquel was of doubtful value. Reserpine had no blocking effect. . The levorotatory isomer of LSD produced no EEG changes even when 1000 mcg. were given orally.
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