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Pierre R. 
“Influence de la sérotonine, de dérivés de la phénothiazine, de stéroides, de tranquilisants sur l'EEG du lapin intoxique par la diéthylamide de l'acide lysergique. I. Action sur l'intoxication chronique par la LSD.”. 
Compt. rend. Soc. biol.. 1957;151:890.
The drugs investigated for protection against the EEG changes in chronic LSD intoxication [see Pierre No. 419] were injected s.c. or i.m. simultaneously with LSD. They were given either prophylactically from the commencement of LSD treatment or therapeutically after the development of EEG changes. . Steroids: Viadril was the only drug to provide 1000rotection. Methylandrosterone offered very marked protection. . Phenothiazine derivatives: 5501 DE offered marked protection. Mopazine was ineffective. . Tranquilizers: Atarax and meprobamate offered slight protection, benactyzine offered none. . Serotonin: was prophylactically ineffective and therapeutically moderately effective. [Its protective effect is not necessarily due to a specific antagonism. It was completely absent in studies on cats (Cf. No. 338)].
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