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Clark LD, Bliss EL. 
“Psychopharmacological studies of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD 25) intoxication. Effects of premedication with BOL-148 (2-bromo-d-lysergic acid diethylamide), mescaline, atropine, amobarbital, and chlorpromazine.”. 
Arch. Neurol. Psychiatr., Chicago. 1957;78:653.
Pre-medication with BOL (moderate amounts given orally), amobarbital sodium (0.3 g orally), chlorpromazine (50 mg orally) or mescaline sulphate (0.1 g orally) did not significantly influence the somatic and psychic effects of LSD (1 mcg./kg. or 0.5 mcg./kg. orally) in six normal subjects. Premedication with atropine sulphate (1.2 mg orally) did not decrease the response to LSD but produced additional autonomic effects making the experience more unpleasant.
Notes # : (auch BOL 44)
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