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Gogerty JH, Dille JM. 
“Pharmacology of d-lysergic acid morpholide (L.S.M.)”. 
J. Pharmacol. Exper. Therap.. 1957;120:340.
The pharmacological effects of d-lysergic acid morpholide (LSM) are similar to those of LSD. . The dose of LSM required to raise body temperature in the rabbit is three times as great as that of LSD and the effect is of shorter duration. . On the isolated rat uterus LSM is approximately 1/12 as effective as LSD in antagonizing 5- hydroxytryptamine. . The behavioral effects of LSM in animals are similar to those of LSD but the doses required are approximately 1/3 greater and the effects are of shorter duration. . In human beings (2 volunteers) the effects of LSM were qualitatively similar to those of LSD but the dose required was at least 1/3 larger and the duration of action was shorter.
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