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Fischer R. 
“Factors involved in drug-produced model psychoses.”. 
J. Ment Sc.. 1957;103:392.
This paper reviews liver function in schizophrenia and mescaline-induced psychosis and studies on the affinity of various agents for wool protein. The affinity of Methergine and ergonovine for wool protein is about half that of LSD. A relation was found between theaffinity for wool protein of mescaline, LAE 32, LSD, methylene blue, Parsitan, chlorpromazine and Diparcol and their relative toxicity in tadpoles (Xenopus levis). It is thought that similar types of receptors may be involved in the production and inhibition of experimental psychoses.
Notes # : (auch LAE 14) (auch Gy-, Meth-Erw.A)
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