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Grenell RG. 
“Mechanisms of action of psychotherapeutic and related drugs.”. 
Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sc.. 1957;66:826.
The effects of chlorpromazine and promazine on ATP and nucleic acid levels in the rat brain suggested that these drugs induce a state of decreased activity in selected subcortical areas. A study was therefore made of the "regional" effects of insulin and LSD. . Insulin injected i.v. in the anesthetized cat facilitated the evoked cortical response in a suprasylvian gyrus; this effect was not elicited in the decerebrate cat in which the ascending reticular activating system had been cut in the midbrain. Insulin given by local cortical perfusion (microcannulation into a small pial vessel) did not produce facilitation. . LSD inhibited the evoked cortical response when injected i.v. and when perfused locally into the cortex, even when the ascending reticular activating system had been interrupted. . These findings indicate that insulin does not act directly on the cortex but LSD can do so.
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