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Rinkel M, Hyde RW, Solomon HC. 
“Experimental psychiatry. III. A chemical concept of psychosis.”. 
Dis. Nerv. Syst.. 1954;15:259.
The effects of LSD on normal subjects, as noted in clinical observations and psychological tests, corresponded to those previously reported in the literature. In biochemical studies, LSD seemed to stimulate the pituitary-adrenal axis. At the same time LSD rendered the adrenals somewhat unresponsive to ACTH and modified urinary phosphate output (similar conditions prevail in schizophrenia). The B.P. response to adrenaline was significantly lower after LSD than in controls. Under LSD, a lobotomized patient relapsed into the pre-lobotomy state of physical and mental agitation. In analyzing their observations and those reported in the literature, the authors assume that LSD interferes with the adrenaline cycle and that adrenoxine (a breakdown product of adrenaline) may be involved in psychoses.
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