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Thomson RHS, Tickner A, Webster GR. 
“Cholinesterase inhibition by lysergic acid diethylamide.”. 
Biochem. J.. 1954;58:XIX.
LSD (10-6M) causes 50 0nhibition of human plasma cholinesterase, the inhibition of the plasma cholinesterase being competitive and readily reversible. The true cholinesterase in human erythrocytes is not significantly affected by ten times the concentration required to produce 90 0nhibition of plasma cholinesterase. Pseudo-cholinesterase activity in a number of different areas of the human brain is also inhibited (approx. 60% by 5x10-M). True cholinesterase in the brain is unaffected by these concentrations. The pseudo-cholinesterase of human brain appears to be more sensitive to inhibition by LSD than the corresponding enzyme in the brains of the other animal species studied (rat, guinea pig, chicken, rabbit, and monkey).
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