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Frederking W. 
“Ueber die Verwendung von Rauschdrogen (meskalin und Lysergsaurediathylamid) in der Psychotherapie”. 
Psyche. 1953 /54;7:342.
LSD (40-60 mcg orally) and mescaline (0.3-0.5 g i.m.) were used in neurotic patients refractory to psychoanalysis. Over 100 "intoxication" studies (including author's personal investigations). LSD employed in 60 instances. The "intoxication", as does a dream, exerted a therapeutic effect aiding psychoanalysis (24 cases described). The therapeutic effect of LSD was better than that of mescaline. Caution is required in cases of anxiety states and suspected schizophrenia. The author strongly recommends that each physician using LSD should, under supervision, study the effect of a high dose of LSD himself in order to facilitate interpretation of a patient's experiences under LSD.
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