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Liddell DW, Weil-Malherbe H. 
“The effects of methedrine and of lysergic acid diethylamide on mental processes and on the blood adrenaline level.”. 
J. Neurol.. 1953;16:7.
The clinical and biochemical effects of LSD (40-60 mcg iv) and methedrine (40-60 mg iv) were studied in patients suffering from various mental disorders. After an initial phase of relaxation both drugs produced s.n aggravation of the clinical picture. Rapid mood swings were sometimes observed after LSD but not after methedrine. After both drugs the plasma adrenaline level rose initially, then dropped below the starting level and finally rose again. The blood sugar concentration was sometimes increased moderately after methedrine. The effects of LSD on the blood sugar concentration were hardly significant.
Notes # : Britain
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