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Erowid References Database

Rostafinski M. 
“O omamach doswiadczalnych u chorych na padaczke”. 
Roczn. psychjatr.. 1950;38:109.
With one exception, hallucinations could not be reproduced by 60-240 mcg. LSD in 10 trials in 8 epileptic patients. The one exception was a patient with traumatic epilepsy who also exhibited schizophrenic indifference after LSD. This is claimed to be due to a release of inhibitions such as is necessary for narcoanalysis. In one female patient there was a release of inhibitions after LSD. This could not be determined without LSD. Half of the patients made a response with euphoria and visual hallucinations (colours fairly dark). Paraesthesia in 3 cases. Depersonalization in two experiments on one patient, hyperaesthesia of smell, on one occasion no manifestation.
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