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Katselou M, Papoutsis I, ... AH-7921: the list of new psychoactive opioids is expanded Forensic Toxicol 2015
Katselou M, Papoutsis I, ... Old opioids, new concerns: the case of acetylfentanyl Forensic Toxicol 2016
Katselou M, Papoutsis I, ... Fenethylline (Captagon) Abuse. Local Problems from an Old Drug become ... Basic Clin Pharmacol... 2016
Nikolaou P, Katselou M, P... U-47700. An old opioid becomes a recent danger Forensic Toxicology 2016
Misailidi N, Papoutsis I,... Furanylfentanyl: another fentanyl analogue, another hazard for public ... Forensic Toxicol 2017