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Erowid's Albert Hofmann Collection
The Albert Hofmann Collection is a collection of around 4,000 scientific articles related primarily to LSD, but also psilocybin, BOL (an obscure relative of LSD), and a handful of other psychoactive chemicals. These articles were nearly all cut from original journals and then bound with tape into 93 cloth bound binders. It covers almost all of the world's scientific literature about psychedelics through the early 1980s.

While Albert Hofmann was working at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, where he first synthesized LSD, he and his staff collected any journal articles, news stories, and mentions of LSD that they could find, cutting them from journals or copying them, taping them into binders, and organizing them into a sequential physical library.

In 2001-2002, with Albert Hofmann's knowledge and permission, Erowid accepted the boxes of Hofmann's binders' from the Albert Hofmann Foundation. We carefully disassembled the binders and scanned the documents. The digital documents were entered into a database while the physical collection was returned to Switzerland. The result is this digital archive, The Albert Hofmann Collection, available to the public through Erowid.