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From: (Arthur Delano)
Date: Tue, 5 May 92 21:51:59 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: sending through mail (fwd) 

An anonymous person wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>     I wanted to have this posted before most of our college-student readers
>>take off for the summer.  I would like to request any info anyone has on 
>>methods of safely sending certain products thru the U.S. mail without them 
>>being detected/seized.  I would also be interested in hearing any anecdotal 
>>stories/experiences anyone has regarding this subject.

This is how some acquaintences used to do it:
The material is packed and sealed with gloved hands (the plastic gloves
from bulk-food places might do).  The package is sent first class, with
a false return address.  There is no material inside to indicate source,
i.e. a letter, newspaper, etc.
  This is so that the package cannot be traced to its sender.  The false
name and return address are preferable to having no return address.  The
standard procedure for the USPS's entrapment of consumers of drugs and
pornography is to hold the package for pickup.  I don't know why picking
up a box makes a recipient liable when a recipient is not liable for
any other kind of unsolicited mail, but there it is.  The false name is
used so that the recipient can call about a package and not pick it
up if it is not a name he recognizes.
  Pragmatically, if the package is left on a doorstep, the USPS doesn't
know what's in it.  If the package doesn't leave the post office, the
USPS _might_ know what's in it.
  As for how to wrap the stuff so that it can go undetected, I have
know idea.  Several layers of freezer-grade ziplog bags (they have
thicker plastic) might work.  I was never involved in these mailings.


From: (Mark J Moline)
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1993 21:37:15 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: Robert Parish Busted

        SAN ANTONIO (UPI) -- Boston Celtics center Robert Parish apologized to
his team and fans Saturday, one day after he received a summons charging
him with possession of five ounces of marijuana.
        "We are comfortable that the marijuana was for personal use and not
for distribution, and the search was not the result of an ongoing
investigation of Mr. Parish,'' said Kurt Schwartz, a spokesman for the
Middlesex District Attorney's office.
        "We received some information concerning a package delivered to
Parish's home and we were duty-bound to follow up on it.''
        Police in Weston received information about a package, addressed to
Parish, after a routine check with a narcotics dog at a Federal Express
shipping facility in San Francisco.
        Schwartz said it is standard procedure to have the package shipped
and then obtain a search warrant.