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Researchers at Johns Hopkins seek responses to an anonymous survey on breathwork. You can participate whether your breathwork experiences helped or not.
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"K. Keniston points out that the correlation between the "intellectual
climate" of a college and the rate of drug use on its campus is very
close.  The highest rates are found at small, progressive ...
colleges with a high faculty-student ratio, high student intellectual
capacity as measured by College Boards, close student-faculty
relationships, and considerable value on academic independence,
intellectual interest, and personal freedom for students.[1]  At a number
of such colleges, it is probably true that half or more of the
students have tried marihuana or one of the "hallucinogens," but the
great majority of the nation's 2,200 colleges have a lower
intellectual climate, are often noted for their practical orientation,
a relative absence of serious student intellectual pursuit, and an
emphasis on fraternity life and sports.  It is estimated that between
10 and 25 percent of the students on such campuses use these drugs."[2]

[1] K. Keniston, "Heads and Seekers: Drugs on Campus, Counter-Cultures
and American Society," _American Scholar_, 38 (1968-69), p. 98.

[2] Several studies: _J._Amer._Coll._Health Ass._, 17 (1968), p. 47,
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