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Newsgroups: alt.drugs.psychedelics
Subject: drug testing
Date: 3 Jan 1995 21:31:26 GMT

Test Your Government
Not Your Urine
reply by Jeff Nightbyrd founder Byrd Labs

Here's some additional info on urine testing. Remember pscyhedelics are
not normally tested for and there metabolites are difficult to find even
by a GC/MS test. Many of you may have friends with other problems so I'll
send this along. 

Because I'm writing too fast to cite background
material, I'll give a capsule snapshot of my background.  I invented
powdered drug free urine. Then helped Abbie Hoffman with Steal This Urine
Test (in which he endorsed the powdered appraoch). Later, with the help of
many libertarian chemists, I developed an additive called UrineAid. This
worked so successfully tin caused an uproar in the testing industry, After
a year they created a test just to detect  UrinAid.  This counter, counter
measure, is currently used in about 5% of the laboratories. The great
state of Texas, where I live, passed a law against my activities, making
it illegal to manufacture or sell a product in Texas that would create a
negative on urine tests. Therefore, I sold Byrd Labs, but still remain as
a consultant.

I'm not a pot smoker. I got into this because urine testing is
un-American. Testers invade your person on the presumption of guilt  until
innocence is proven,  which violates the 5th amendment. Urine tests don't
enhance the public's safety because they measure what happened at the
party last weekend rather than a person's current performance capacity.
They are basically anti marijuana tests because the evil weed will be
detected in your system up to 30 days while coke, for example, passes out
of the detectability range in two. The basic emit test is triggered by
more than 250 over the counter medications. False positives run high. Our
prison system is filled with minor marijuana offenders which costs the tax
payers a fortune.

A few facts:  as of January, The DOT reduced the testing level for THC
from 100 nanograms to 50. In the past, various drinks such as Test Free,
worked because they diluted a sample under the threshold of the test.
Water, Ice tea,or Pepsi work as well. Dillution alone  will be
increasingly risky under the new cut off levels. Visine does not work. Nor
does Goldenseal, WD 40, or blood. In an emergency, dilution combined with
adding household powdered bleach is the best bet.. Grind the powder and
experiment. Many bleaches foam or leave residue. By the way Draino does
not work well even when adding a half teaspoonful. And,  besides foaming,
those little metal specks must be removed. With the aid of NORML
activists,  who supplied THC positive samples, we have run more than a
1000 tests to check every possible theory. 

Powdered urine, "We are to urine, what Tang is to orange juice", works
perfectly. However in most situation carrying it in, pre mixed, is a
problem. UrinAid is very potent, but some employers are testing for this
adulterant. You have to check out your situation before using it. Super
Clean is effective, but the inventor had to design a compound which would
beat the tests but not be so strong as to be detectable. In some
situations ( about 3%) it's failed. A new product called Klear has looked
very promising in our tests. 

 Conquering the Urine Tests, the 10th edition of my pamphlet updated for
1995 is just out.  It's $5 by mail.  (Sorry I'm just getting my internet
surf board wet.) Byrd Labs is reachable at  800 333-2152. You can fax me
questions at 512 478-7706 - I'll try to be helpful.  The phone number for
Klear is 800 661-1357. Klear's address: 40 4th street #216, Petaluma, Ca.

Justin is correct when he says deny and challenge any positive result.
Many employers are not  showing employees their lab results. It's the new
excuse used to fire someone without going through proper procedures. I've
counseled several, very straight, elderly workers - close to retirement 
-  who were fired and lost their pension benefits because they "failed
their drug test". Un Hunh! Also women's urine is sometimes tested for
pregnancy. In addition, urine has been used to detect heart, renal, and
other conditions in employees. In this Orwellian Big Brother era there are
no laws protecting workers. My time is limited, but I'm willing to provide
what I help I can for those challenging testing. If anyone has an
interesting law suit underway, I have one of the most extensive libraries
of materials in the country, collected with the help of many people who
think the multi billion dollar War on Drugs is a threat to our liberties.
Our motto: Pee for Pleasure/ Not for Employment.