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   I have been reading over the board and there is a lot of talk dealing
with drug tests and the like.  I hope to clear up a few myths by sending
this letter to whoever reads it.  NORML writes a piece of literature on
the subject of beating piss tests and I have a copy.
and use diuretics like coffee, cranberry juice, and beer.  Vinegar
doesn't work and neither does phenylpropanolamine (the active ingredient
in Dexatrim).  The night before the test, drink as much fluids as you
can stand and piss in the morning because morning urine is the
"dirtiest".  Prepare for the test by drinking more fluids and boost with
diuretics.  You can color your piss yellow with for a few hours with
vitamin b-2 (found in b-complex vitamins).  Use a 50- or 100-milligram
    IF YOU HAVE A SHORT NOTICE, take an 80-milligram dose of
prescription diuretic Lasix (furosemide), take a hefty drink of water,
piss two or three times and take the test.
    WARNING!!! Diuretics can be harmful to people with kidney
dysfunctions, pregnant women and diabetics.
    DRUG SCREENS, drugs which mask traces of drugs in urine, are
undocumented although many claim sucess.  These might be unreliable, but
I'm putting them in here anyway. 
|        Zinc Sulfate, available from pharmasists and in a health
product Zinc                 |Challenge, should be taken twice, once the
night before and once a few hours |before the test in 250-milligram
TOXIC EFFECTS.  Take this in the morning when loading up |on fluids for
the test.  Also, avoid taking in too many solids because it may         
                                         |dampen the effect of the
|        Two products, Test Free and Naturally Klean, claim to clear any
drug |testing for a few hours after taking.  The companies recommend
abstaing for a |day or two and drinking lots of fluids.  Both companies
claim to have FDA safe |ingredients although they are secretive about
the formula.
|        You can contact the companies @
|            Test Free- Zydot Unlimited Inc., Box 9485 Tulsa OK 74157
|                        (918) 747-2400
|           Naturally Klean- Houston Enterprises, PO Box 27776, Tempe AZ 85285
                        (602) 968-0773
    DOPING PISS TESTS, is a last resort method if you are really
desparate.  Abbie Hoffman has rigged a way to substitute clean urine in
the test in his book "Stealing This Urine Test" but I don't have a copy
of the book.
        You can spike the test with certain chemicals, but this only
works on the standard EMIT test and not on RIA or GC/MS tests.  6-10
drops of bleach detergent or blood, a few bleach or Draino crystals
concealed under the fingernails should work.  These methods are going to
effect the urine noticably and could be detected.4
    I have taken this information from literature release by NORML and
it should be reliable, but I won't take the blame if it isn't.

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Well, my friend passed his drug test and got the job.  He just drank 2   
quarts of water the morning of the test.  The test required him to produce
60 cc of urine, and the nurse gave him four minutes and made sure the
temp of the sample was between 90-98 degrees.  Also she noted that his 
specimin was almost clear.  She was careful not to allow soap in the 
bathroom while he was in there, and the toilet water was blue colored.

He had smoked pot on two occasions within a week and a half of the test.
He is not a regular smoker.

thanks to all for the help, and I hope this info helps somebody else out.

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%  100%  *   (time 0 days, 100%)          halflife THC concentration = 7 days 
T                                         %THC means delta % THC metabolites
H   90%                                        in bloodstream.
                                                    21 - 28 days'll do-ya


    50%             *  (7days,50%)
                              *  (14days, 25%)
                                       *  (21days,12.5%)
                                                *  (6.75%)
     0%                                                  * 3.375  *  1.687%
       0 days     7days    14days    21days   28days   35days   42days