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From: (Greg Wickham)
Subject: Fight the pee-sniffers!
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 19:44:15 GMT

Hi Y'all!  I just pulled this off of alt.privacy, and this guy seems to have
a good approach to company drug testing.  Even if you end up peeing for
them like a good boy or girl, this is a way you can make them THINK about
what they're doing, without appearing to be filthy lowlife drug-using scum.

If they're going to turn this once-great country into an armed camp full of
nosy, distrustful pee-sniffers, let's at least make 'em WORK for it!

> I'm a computer consultant and have successfully fought the drug test question
> by reverse intimidation.  I start asking questions that "they" aren't prepared
> to answer.
> - What is the name and address of the lab that will perform the test ?
> - EXACTY what test or tests are to be used ?
> - For each test performed, list the type and quantity of specimens required ?
> - For each test performed, list the percentages for false positive and false
>   negative results.
> - Provide statistical justification for these percentages.
> - In the case of a false positive, what are the established procedures for
>   retesting ?
> - How many times will retesting be permitted ?
> - What is the established procedures for resolving consistant false positive
>   results ?
> - What facility is going to extract the specimen(s) ?
> - How much of each type of specimen is going to be extracted ?
> - Are the lab and the blood extraction facility bonded ?
> - What company carries their malpractice insurance and what are their policy 
>   numbers ?
> - EXACTLY what information will be release from the lab to the employer ?
> - It is required that all results be forwarded to me.
> - The employer is required to pay all costs involved, including those if
>   retesting is required.
> By this time, any reasonable person will be thinking that maybe drug testing
> isn't something in which they want to become involved.
> I've thought of having a lawyer (or myself) prepare a "Request for Drug Test" 
> form in proper legalese.  Along with a paragraph swearing, under penalty of 
> perjury that all information is complete and correct.  So far, that hasn't
> been necessary.