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Microgram Bulletin, Published by the Drug Enforcement Administration
Recently there has been an increase in law enforcement encounters with a variety of unusual tryptamines and phenethylamines. These substances are not specifically scheduled within the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

The tryptamines include:

    N,N-Dipropyltryptamine (DPT)
    N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DIPT)
    5-Methoxy-N,N-diethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DET)
    5-Methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DET)
    5-Methoxy-alpha-methyltyrptamine (5-MeO-AMT)
    4-Methoxy-N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine (4-MeO-MIPT)
    5-Methoxy-N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine (5-MeO-MIPT)
    N-Methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine (5-MeO-MIPT)
    4-Hydroxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine (4-OH-DIPT)
The phenethylamines include:
    2,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethylthiophenethylamine (2C-T-2) 4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxy-phenethylamine (2C-I) 2,5-Dimethoxy-4(2-fluoroethylthio)phenethylamine (2C-T-21) 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine (2C-E) 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-cholorophenethylamine (2C-C) 5-(2-Aminopropyl)indane (API) 5-Chloro-3,4-dimethoxyphenethylamine
The Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section (ODE) within the DEA's Office of Diversion Control is interested in documenting the abuse, diversion, trafficking, and public health risks of the above listed tryptamines and phenethylamines, as well as any other related substances. This information is being collected to document the need for possible placement (scheduling) of these substances under the CSA. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories often provide valuable information for this purpose. ODE would appreciate receiving any information related to the law enforcement encounters, drug identification and abuse of the above mentioned tryptamines and phenethylamines, as well as any related substances. Please contact Dr. Srihari R. Tella, Pharmacologist in ODE, at (202) 307-7183 with any information pertaining to these substances. Information may also be provided to Dr. Tella by fax at (202) 353-1263, or by email to Srihari.R.Tella -at- or by mail addressed to the Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section, Office of Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement Administration, Washington, DC 20537.

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