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From: Bob Wallace
Newsgroups: rec.drugs.psychedelic
Subject: How to talk someone down (ARRRT technique)
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 1995 12:03:43
Message-ID: <3vgn9l$>

Excerped from: "Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders" by Inana & Cohen
(CNS Productions 0-926544-11-X), without permission. Very good book.
Edited for length. The Haight-Ashbury Clinic is known for sophisticated 
and compassionate handling of drug problems.

"The Haight-Ashbury Clinic uses the following ARRRT guidelines in 
dealing with a person experiencing a bad trip:

Acceptance -- first, gain the user's trust and confidence.
Reduce stimuli -- get the user to a quiet, non-threatening environment.
Reassure -- educate the user that they are experiencing a bad trip, assure 
   them they are in a safe place, with safe people, and they will be all right.
Rest -- help the user relax; use stress reduction techniques [such as slow, 
   deep breathing, or relaxing muscle groups] and let them rest.
Talk down -- discuss peaceful, non-threatening subjects with the user; 
   avoid any topic which seems to create more anxiety or a strong reaction.

The best treatment for someone on a "bad trip" is to talk them down in a
calm manner, without raising your voice or appearing threatening. Avoid 
quick movements, and let them move around so they don't feel trapped.

Two cautions when using the ARRRT talk-down technique

1. If the user is experiencing severe medical, physical, or even emotional 
reactions which are not responding, medical intervention is needed. 

2. Although most psychedelic reactions are responsive to ARRRT, 
PCP may cause unexpected and sudden violent or belligerent behavior.
Exercise caution when approaching someone suspected of using PCP."

I've also found it helps to remind the person who they are, where they are, 
that they took a drug which will wear off, and they won't die or go crazy. 
Calm, flowing music may also help. 

[I'd appreciate it if some nice information shephard would faq this.]