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From: (justin gombos)
Date: 12 Oct 1994 01:02:52 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.drugs,alt.drugs.pot,alt.drugs.culture
Subject: Re: I NEED THE D.A.R.E. info

> If anyone could send me the name, authors, etc of the Document,
> or, better yet, the actual document (or where to FTP it), I would
> really appreciate it.  I'm stuck doing a report for college.
It's in this Green Panthers Document...

                    Proclamation of the GREEN PANTHERS!

    The decade of the 90s demands a new focus and a determination of just
what is required for survival into the 21st century, and whether we shall
enter the century as free people or as slaves.  Today we see genocide
against hemp and other plants as a national policy, and the repression of
subcultures as a national pastime.

    Born in the knowledge that at least 30 million U.S. citizens regularly
ingest marijuana (hemp) to medicate themselves, the GREEN PANTHERS! was
formed to provide leadership, resources and political focus to this
sleeping giant army of marijuana users-- an army many times larger than all
the U.S. military and police combined.

    The GREEN PANTHERS! come from varied backgrounds, but we all agree that
the Earth's environment must be saved and that the hemp plant will play a
vital part in the process.  We also agree that oppression in the name of
the War on Drugs must end at once, and wars fought over petroleum must be
stopped once and for all.

    We are tired of being harassed, beaten, fined, fired from our jobs,
forced to piss in jars, sent to concentration camps, and having our
property seized and sold.  The marijuana users' nonviolent nature has made
them easy targets of police oppression. The arrests of marijuana users are
as high as 400,000 per year with untold suffering at the hands of
"corrections and enforcement authorities."  Many of the GREEN PANTHERS!
have been victims of such oppression, and we have proclaimed "Hell No!" to
standing idly by while this mayhem continues.

    We spit back the government's declaration of war upon us.  We declare
that we shall resist by whatever methods necessary to protect ourselves,
our families, our property, and our beloved planet Earth; and to regain the
liberties lost under this fascist agenda disguised as the War on Drugs.

    Bearing these things in mind, we take our protests to the streets, to
the countryside, and to the very doorsteps of our declared enemy who shall
know no peace until they let our people go and let our people grow!

                            Revolutionary Toker

Voice of the GREEN PANTHERS!  
P.O. Box 31231, Cincinnati, OH, 45231 
Reproduction of articles authorized. 
Please cite Revolutionary Toker 

     The War on Drugs was developed like a marketing campaign, in selected
cities.  This was done so the government could monitor the reaction of the
local populations for negative feedback.  Test areas were far apart in
areas with tightly controlled media. DRUG/GANG SWEEPS were developed in the
ghettos of Los Angeles under the guise of controlling gang violence and
drug dealing.  The sweeps were nothing more than mass round-ups. Police
picked up everyone on the street in a particular area and took them to a
football stadium for processing.  Initially called Operation Hammer, they
continue as Operation Cul de Sac.  The silence of the populace signaled
approval of this tactic. JUMPOUT SQUADS were test-marketed in Atlanta to
control drug sales on the streets.  Jumpout squads consist of cars or vans
loaded with heavily armed cops who pull up and charge out with their guns
drawn, rapidly arresting and taking people away.  Every major city now has
jumpout squads because the public again was silent.  BOOT CAMPS or
concentration camps for drugs users were first established in Oklahoma.
They combine marine- style boot camp and southern chain gang tactics. Along
with extreme physical torment, inmates are subjected to
"psychocorrectional" therapy--mental reprogramming right out of A Clockwork
Orange.  Twenty-seven states now have Boot Camp prisons for both men and
women and to date three deaths have been reported, all from physical abuse
at the hands of the guards.  Mainstream Amerika loves them.

FENCING IN HOUSING PROJECTS was the idea of turning public housing into
prisons and the Chicago Housing Authority was the test site.  Chain link
fences topped with barbed wire encircle multi-story tenements housing tens
of thousands of people.  Residents have to wear photo I.D.'s on neck chains
and pass through metal detectors every time they come home.  Only recently
has the Supreme Court ruled that the warrentless searches of apartments are
unconstitutional.  The government is currently looking for ways around this
ruling.  SOVIET-STYLE ROADBLOCKS began under the code name Operation
Co-Flame (Cooperation from Florida to Maine).  An overnight placement of
roadblocks on I-95 stopped, searched and computer checked thousands of
cars, license plates and drivers licenses.  Once again, no one protested.
Also, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has set up dozens of
permanent roadblocks well inside the U.S. southern border to "check
citizenship," and look for drugs.  USE OF THE MILITARY AGAINST THE CITIZENS
The National Guard went in first as unarmed assistants to Border Patrol
agents, nowadays they carry M-16's.  The Coast Guard, using everything from
shotguns to cannons have been loose on the seas against smugglers for
years. Use of active duty ground forces began with the Army operation
against the growers in Humboldt County in California in 1990.  National
guard helicopters with night vision devices fly over cities and rural
nightly as part of the "drug war."

PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN was launched in 1986.  The Partnership for a Drug Free
America coordinated a media blitz to instill fear and suspicion of drug
users, and to breed the attitude that drug users are subhuman loners and
losers.  The "Partnershit" pools the most creative advertising minds in the
world.  This organization is closely aligned to the Council on Foreign
Relations and the Trilateral Commission.  These organizations embody groups
of extremely wealthy and powerful people who have a common goal of
establishing a totalitarian one world government called the New World
Order.  THE COMING CIVIL WAR  Each "Crime Bill" takes the country one step
closer to a full blown civil war.  Any group of five or more people, having
anything to do with drugs for more than 30 days becomes an instant "street
gang" punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of five years.  This
includes five friends getting together twice in 30 days to smoke a joint.
Each Crime Bill adds crimes punishable by the federal death penalty, while
continually stripping away our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves
from this government oppression.  And without the Second, there will be no
First Amendment.  WHAT CAN YOU DO?  First, link up with those of us who see
this drug war for what it is--a war on the Bill of Rights! Second, get
active!  Join with GREEN PANTHERS! and start spreading the word.  Third,
strike back!  Take your message to the streets, creatively.  Poster,
sticker, graffiti, complain, rant, rave, pitch a bitch, use GREEN PANTHERS!
Creative Interference and NEVER consent to a search.  If busted, don't cop
a plea, demand a jury trial and use jury nullification.  Cost them money.
Threaten their power.  That's the only language this government
understands.                 * No Pot -- No Peace!

                          What is Green Panthers?

GREEN PANTHERS! is the militant grassroots group in the hemp/drug reform
movement Leading the offensive in resisting the War on Drugs.
History and Perspectives 
    GREEN PANTHERS! was formed in 1990 to perform direct-action protests
and related activities in support of kindred organizations; and to
encourage and lead the entire marijuana legalization movement to a more
militant stand against government oppression.
    GREEN PANTHERS! sees the War on Drugs for what it really is--not a war
on addiction, but a guise for a much larger war on the Bill of Rights and
personal freedoms. The government's ban on our choice of natural
medications, and its promotion of dangerous prescription drugs, are
unacceptable to us.  Cannabis- based medications have proven effective in
the fight against the AIDS virus, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and blinding
glaucoma, as well as a host of minor ailments.
    GREEN PANTHERS! exposes the government's control of natural remedies as
grabs for the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical market.  We confront and
defy the government whenever they attempt to make political scapegoats of
the seriously ill.
    GREEN PANTHERS! believes the industrial use of hemp can prevent further
damage to the environment with its non-polluting paper, fabrics, and fuel.
    GREEN PANTHERS! confronts drug war offenses with non-violent direct
actions that have effectively mobilized public support and built
movement-wide coalitions.  In addition to organized protests, GREEN
PANTHERS! encourages and educates individuals, organizations, and
communities to resist the drug war on their own.
    Through GREEN PANTHERS! nationwide networks, our operatives document
military and militarized police build-ups and offensives against the
citizenry. This information is then spread across our movement as well as
to the press, selected politicians, and other interested groups and
individuals.    When tactically practical, we take direct action to resist
the oppression.  Activities range from legal protests, to graffiti, phone
ZAPs, and Creative Interference.
Goals and Accomplishments 
GOAL:  Oppose dishonest and misleading anti-drug propaganda in the major
media. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  GREEN PANTHERS! initiated the noisiest, most
militant, demonstrations ever held in front of the offices of the
Partnership for a Drug Free America in downtown Manhattan.
GOAL:  Protest the seizure of homes and personal property for drug
offenses. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  GREEN PANTHERS! held the first-ever protest
against auctions of drug war seized property.
GOAL:  Defend the rights of sick people to have government-provided medical
marijuana. ACCOMPLISHMENT:   GREEN PANTHERS! responded to the Department of
Health and Human Services efforts to terminate the medical marijuana
program by staging several direct action protests at HHS headquarters in
Washington, DC with four activists arrested for non-violent civil
GOAL:  Support and develop community based initiatives to bypass federal
medical marijuana prohibition. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  GREEN PANTHERS! sent a team
to California to gather petition signatures for the San Francisco Medical
Marijuana Initiative, Proposition P, which passed by an 80 percent majority
GOAL:  In the absence of a government medical marijuana program, to provide
medications directly to those in need. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Facilitated
supplies of medication to AIDS patients and other seriously ill people.
GOAL:  Oppose the use of "shock incarceration" Boot Camp prisons for
brainwashing and physically abusing drug users. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  GREEN
PANTHERS! organized and initiated the first-ever blockade  of the main gate
of the  Herman S. Toulson (drug war) Boot Camp prison in Jessup, Maryland.
Our actions brought prison activity to a standstill  for over an hour.
(See poster on inside of this document.)
GOAL:  Organize coordinated resistance actions across the country to show
the government that there are many who oppose their fascist War on Drugs.
ACCOMPLISHMENT:  GREEN PANTHERS! initiated an annual  nationwide Week Of
Outrage, (June 29 to July 4) when activists place signs of resistance where
they cannot be ignored.
GOAL:  Bring together our diverse movement in coalition to resist and work
for a peaceful resolution to the War on Drugs. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  On the last
day of the 1992 Week Of Outrage, a Stoners With Attitudes Team (SWAT) of
PANTHERS! activists delivered the first movement-wide petition to the Bush
White House calling for an immediate cease fire and urging a Peace Summit
to end the War on Drugs.
GOAL: To take direct action against the censorship of pro-legalization
third party Presidential candidates by puppets of the major media.
ACCOMPLISHMENT: On election day 1992, GREEN PANTHERS! activists held the
first-ever protest of the main U.S. censorship organ, the News Election
Service in New York City.  (NES, a corporation owned by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN,
and the Associated Press claims to gather complete vote counts from every
precinct in the country for the national media on election night.)  GREEN
PANTHERS! exposed the existence of this company of liars to our movement
and disrupted activities inside NES with specially designed information
flyers for their employees.
GOAL:  To immediately put President Clinton on notice that potheads want to
live in peace--and that GREEN PANTHERS! won't stop resisting as long as the
war continues. ACCOMPLISHMENT:  Held the first protest of the Clinton
administration (Inhale to the Chief) across from the White House on the
first day of work for the new presidency.  Over 1,500 people participated,
making it one of the largest winter demonstrations in the history of the
pot movement.
    GREEN PANTHERS! goals are also pursued through coalition building with
other militant environmental and personal choice groups.  We have
effectively worked with ACT UP, Queer Nation, and Earth First! in tactical
operations.  We believe these efforts have bonded the hemp/marijuana
movement with theirs for years to come.
Publications and Resources 
*   GREEN PANTHERS! Action Manual, the first and only book on resisting the
    War on Drugs.
*   Revolutionary Toker, the most informative newsletter in the movement.
*   GP! also publishes numerous how-to flyers on creative interference
    designed to frustrate and confuse our declared enemies.
*   GREEN PANTHERS!  provides training in direct- action, organizing, and
    non-violent civil disobedience to interested groups anywhere in the
*   GREEN PANTHERS! enlists help from doctors, scientists, engineers, legal
    and legislative experts, and chemists, who donate their time, knowledge,
    and effort because they believe in what we are doing and see our successes.
Our outrageous actions and history making accomplishments have spawned
questions about our structure and tactics.
Q.	How big is GREEN PANTHERS!? 
A.  Those who say don't know, and those who know don't say.  Our rapidly
growing activist base covers the entire country.  For tactical and security
reasons, actual GREEN PANTHERS! membership numbers are not released.
Q.	How is GREEN PANTHERS! organized?   
A.  To reduce the chance of infiltration by enemy agents and provocateurs,
we urge our members to work alone or with friends they have known for
years. When it is necessary to gather forces to protest or confront
politically timely events and issues, we activate our members through
National Calls from GREEN PANTHERS! Washington, DC headquarters.
Q.  Is GREEN PANTHERS! a part of, or front group for, any other
A.  No.  While many of our members hold memberships in other organizations,
and we frequently work in coalition with other groups, we stand alone as a
separate and independent grassroots direct action group.
Q.  What is GREEN PANTHERS! position on violence?
A.  GREEN PANTHERS! wages a non-violent resistance to a violent war.  We
firmly believe that the initiation of  force by the government on the
citizenry is immoral.  However, we think that standing passively by while
innocent people are being oppressed or killed is also immoral.  We consider
the inanimate machinery of oppression to be a weak link in the drug war,
and it is those objects of destruction and oppression we shall stop.
To those who say we are too radical, too loud and too proud; we say quit
living in the closet!  It's time to join the resistance, now!

                        GREEN  PANTHERS! S/HIT LIST

Phone Zaps Your Way to Resist the War on Drugs!
    Most large companies (Partnership supporters and enemy enterprises)
have at least one toll-free (1-800) number for their customers to contact
them.  Zapping these numbers from pay phones  will tie up their lines and
cost them money.  Should you choose, this also gives you an opportunity to
let these companies know what you think of their products and policies.
    This information is provided as a tactic of Drug War resistance by
GREEN PANTHERS!   GREEN PANTHERS! represents the only militant resistance
to the War on Drugs, and encourages all pot smokers to stand their ground
for what they believe and to join our fight.  For more info about the
PANTHERS! see back panel.
Enemy Front Groups 
D.A.R.E.  ----  1-800-TALK KFC  (825- 5532)
Funded by Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Has info on how to tell if someone you
know is on drugs and how to snitch them out. Boycott KFC too!
P.R.I.D.E.  ----  1-800-487-7743 
A real hate group teaching kids that drug users are less than human and
deserve to be harrassed and snitched out.
Partnership for a Drug-Free Amerika  --- 1-800-843-8971
Has a budget of a million dollars a day to promote their intolerant agenda.
Supported by most Fortune 500 firms.
Weed Tip Line  ----  1-800-47-DRUGS    
National snitch line to report growers, dealers and users.  A perfect place
to burn up a lot of Drug War dollars by reporting nonexistant marijuana
patches in remote locations requiring expensive helicopter searches.
Nat'l Citizens Crime Prevention Campaign 1-800-WE PREVENT
McGruff the gestapo dog.  Pro-war on drugs, neighborhood snitch program
development, bullshit propaganda about drugs.
Cocaine Hotline  ----  1-800-COCAINE 
American Council for Drug Education 1-800-488-DRUG
Nat'l Sheriffs' Assn. Neighborhood Watch 1-800-424-STAR
Development Office of Drug-Free Neighborhoods  ----  1-800-955-2232
OSAP's Nat'l Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information  ----
1-800-729- 6686
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms 1-800-ATF-GUNS
U.S. Coast Guard (smuggling intercept) 1-800-368-5647.
Anti-Drug Information Center  (ADIC) 1-800-225-3784
U.S. Postal Service Drug Informant Line 1-800-654-8896
U.S. Customs Drug Informant Line 1-800-BE ALERT
Oppression Machinery Suppliers 
Canine College  ----  1-800-433-1714 
Drug dog training.   
Diversi Fleet Inc.  ----  1-800-325-8645 
Police car fleet sales.   
DEF-TEC  ----  1-800-733-3832 
High-tech police training in sniping, machine guns, concussion grenades,
and raids.
Laser Labs  ----  1-800-452-2344 
Manufacture a hand held device that measures the amount of light passing
through your car window.  Federal law requires 70% of light to pass
through. Their ad says, "Probable cause in the palm of your hand.  More
Stops!  More Drug Seizures!"
PDR I.D. ----  1-800-232-7379 
Visual Drug Identification System.  A pocket drug ID system for cops.  Ad
says, "provides on the spot identification of illegal drug possession."
UNISYS  ----  1-800-448-1424 ext. 175   
Manufactures Unisys Drug Enforcement Systems which produces leads by
gathering and cross-referencing information on vehicles, people, places,
property, and events from other cases in different parts of the country
over protracted periods of time.
Tactical Applications 
    In these times of very tight living, the appeal of inexpensive housing
is irresistable.  Take advantage of the public's need for affordable
housing, and turn it into enemy telephone jamming by making up stickers
that say, "Affordable Apartments in (your city).  No Deposit, No Credit
Check.  Call 1-800- (fill in the blank). No coin deposit required."  The
more stickers you get up, and keep up, the harder the jamming on your
designated target(s) will be.
    Stick them on phone booths around employment offices, food stamp
offices, social service bureaus, bus stations, bars, fast food restaurants,
college campuses, and in economically depressed areas.
    When strategic enemy 1-800 numbers are discovered, activists should
spread the information across the movement.  This is one of the best
non-violent ways to directly engage those who war on us.  Also please send
GREEN PANTHERS! any enemy numbers you find so we can pass them along to
other activists.
                       This is Your Brain on D.A.R.E!
The program is based not on education but on psychological techniques that
were originally intended to be used in a therapy environment to allow the
subject(s) to open up.

    Big Brother has been very busy lately.  You can find him in elementary
schools across America in the stated capacity of "instructor" in a program
dubbed DARE, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  Begun locally in Los
Angeles in 1983, DARE exploded on the scene like a new drug and is now
firmly entrenched as the number one anti- drug program in the country.
More fifth and sixth-graders now participate in the DARE program than all
other drug education programs combined.  In 1991 more than 5 million
students in over 200,000 classrooms went through the program under the
tutelage of more than 13,000 police officers.  That's right, police
officers.  You see, the DARE program is "taught" by the law.  Why police
officers and not teachers?  Ruth Rich, who developed the curriculum,
explains that the policeman is the "missing link" in a long line of failed
anti-drug programs.  But a closer look at the techniques employed in DARE
suggest that in this case the officer is simply a more direct agent of the
state than the teacher.  You see, the DARE instructor doesn't so much
"teach" the students as befriend them.

    The program is based not on education but on psychological techniques
that were originally intended to be used in a therapy environment to allow
the subject(s) to open up.  DARE officers are never instructed to tell the
students not to use drugs.  Rather they are to build the child's
self-esteem and decision-making skills. Drug usage is merely one decision a
child is confronted with.

    Ironically this type of "value neutral" or "non-directive" therapy has
been demonstrated to be a dismal failure more often than not, encouraging
the very behavior it sets out to eliminate.  This conclusion is based on
research collected by Carl Rogers and Dr. William Coulson, two men who
pioneered the techniques in the 1960s.  Rogers has outright denounced the
therapy and Coulson, who has served on the Technical Advisory Panel on Drug
Education Curricula for the U.S. Department of Education, now spends much
of his time informing and warning parents, teachers, and school officials
of the harm done to children by the DARE program.

    Schools that offer DARE first expose children to the program with
occasional visits by police officers as early as kindergarten and
continuing through fourth grade. These visits set the stage for the core
curriculum: seventeen lessons delivered to students in each of the fifth an
sixth grades.  Before becoming instructors in the program, DARE officers
receive 80 hours of instruction in psychological techniques.  Coulson, who
holds doctorate degrees in both philosophy and psychology from Notre Dame,
denounces the training period as woefully inadequate and points out that
even if the therapy practiced in the DARE program had worked on adults, it
would never work with children who "don't have the reasoning power of
adults."  He further criticizes the program:  "If a child decides to use
drugs, the DARE program under the eye of the police has already taught them
that they can make their own decisions."  He further cautions that the DARE
message is all the more dangerous coming from police officers.
The Littlest Agent 
    To be blunt, what we have here is an open invitation for professional
informants to work the tools of their trade on the most trusting, receptive
targets they'll ever have a shot at: young, impressionable children.

    DARE trainees are instructed that in addition to classroom teaching,
they are to spend casual time with the students, befriending them in the
hopes that the children will sing like canaries about someone they know who
uses drugs.  Don't take it from me, take it from the DARE program brief
issued in 1991 by the Bureau of Justice Assistance:

    In addition to formal classroom teaching, DARE officers spend time on
the playground, in the cafeteria, and at student assemblies, interacting
with the students informally.  They may organize a soccer match, play
basketball or chat with students over lunch.  In this way students have an
opportunity to become acquainted with the officer as a trusted friend who
is interested in their happiness and welfare. Students occasionally tell
the officer about problems such as abuse, neglect, alcoholic parents, or
relative who use drugs.

    DARE officers are even instructed to look the other way when they see
DARE students using drugs so as not to destroy their carefully cultivated
trust.  Judy McLemore, a conservative Republican from Alabama, sat in on a
DARE training session and recorded this response a program instructor
offered a trainee who asked what he should do if he caught a kid drinking
or smoking pot on school grounds:  "I'd turn my head... if you tell on
these kids, they will know you told and will no longer trust you." Still
another program instructor said, "These kids will tell you everything;
they'll tell you things that Mommy and Daddy would not want you to know."
DARE program literature unabashedly describes the program as "four and
one-half months of straight talk and conversation with someone who becomes
a friend, a confidant, an ally." DARE succeeds only in allowing the state a
firmer foothold into our private lives.

    One student who fell for the statist entrapment is 11-year old Crystal
Grendell, whose saga was chronicled in a front page story in the Wall
Street Journal April 11, 1992. An honor student before she confided to her
DARE officer that her parents were growing a small amount of marijuana in
their house, she has become a withdrawn "C" student since Mom and Dad's
arrest and now "gets scared" when police drive by her house wondering "if
something else is going to happen."

    Crystal's account of her betrayal of Mom and Dad differs sharply from
that of the DARE officer, Chief Gillway.  It began when the Chief asked his
DARE class if they knew anyone who used drugs.  Although Crystal had wished
her parents would not smoke marijuana, she had not confronted them with
this wish.  However, after class that day she confided in the good Chief.
He pressed her for details, assuring little Crystal that "nothing would
happen to her parents."  This assurance is what good Chief Gillway
disputes.  Crystal vows that knowing what she knows, she would never tell.
Just Say No to DARE 

    A copy of the DARE instructors' manual could make for extremely
interesting reading, and according to the Drug Free Schools and Communities
Act, local school districts are require to "provide full information about
the elements of its drug prevention programs."  It seems then that this
manual should be made available for any concerned parent to inspect, yet it
has remained singularly elusive. Gary Peterson, founder of Parents Against
DARE, was refused a copy when he attempted to obtain one.  Judy McLemore
tried her local DARE officers, local superintendent of education, Alabama
DARE training center in Huntsville, Alabama State Board of Education, U.S.
Department of Justice, the DARE program developers, and her congressman --
all without success. Gee guys, if all you're doing is trying to help our
poor kids steer clear of drugs, why all the secrecy?

    DARE backers love to portray parents who oppose the program as drug
legalization proponents or even drug users.  While a close look at the
program certainly reveals that any casual drug user with DARE age children
is justified in harboring a bit of paranoia about his/her child's
participation in the program, the truth is that most organized opposition
has come from the religious right who contend among other things that DARE
undermines parental authority (good point) and that an hour spent in school
on DARE is one less hour devoted to reading writing and arithmetic (another
good point).

    No matter what angle you look at DARE from, there are plenty of targets
to shoot.  For all of its ominous implications, the program could claim
some bragging rights in the arena of drug prevention if it could point to
some demonstrable proof that DARE actually works at what it is ostensibly
designed to do:  curb drug usage among young people.  As the program enters
its second decade, however, the research and the studies are trickling and
rather than confirming DAREs effectiveness, they almost unanimously confirm
the fears that Dr. Coulson lectures against.  Studies conducted at the
University of Kentucky, the University of North Carolina, government
agencies, and a group under contract to DARE America, show, if anything,
increases in drug usage by DARE students in relationship to non-DARE
students.  M. Amos Clifford wrote in the California Prevention Network
Journal, "...every expert prevention specialist I know... without a single
exception... believes that DARE should be ranked somewhere between a sham
and mediocrity."

    DARE fails at its stated objectives.  The very people who pioneered the
techniques employed in the program have long since admitted the failure of
the techniques. DARE succeeds only in allowing the state a firmer foothold
into our private lives.  And the pawns employed are our children, a la East
Germany and Soviet Russia. To me, this makes DARE the most nightmarish
manifestation of citizen mind control on a large scale yet. 1984 is almost
a decade in the past...
"Who denounced you?"  said Winston.  "It was my little daughter," said
Parsons with a sort of doleful pride.  "She listened at the keyhole.  Heard
what I was saying and nipped off to the patrols the very next day." George
Orwell (from 1984)
"I can't blame Crystal for doing what she did.  She told the truth when
questioned by the authorities.  That's what I've always taught her to do."
Mother of DARE student Crystal Grendell after being arrested in a drug raid
based on information provided by Crystal to her DARE officer. (Wall Street
Journal. April 1992)
"He's my son and I love him.  He found it [marijuana] and did what he had
to do." Jerry Herrera, father of DARE student Jouquin Herrera who tipped
off police. (Rocky Mountain News, September 1991)
About the author: 
    Joe Palcsak wrote the above article after his child participated in the
DARE program.  He was especially offended by the mandatory exclusion of
parents from the DARE sessions.
Fight Oppression, Fight Bigotry, Fight Back! Join GREEN PANTHERS!

                         Defeating Urine Drug Tests

GREEN PANTHERS! believes that urine drug tests violate your Fourth
Amendment right prohibiting unreasonable searches and your Fifth Amendment
right that is supposed to protect you from witnessing against yourself.
As the U.S. government pushes its Drug Free Amerika agenda, companies are
under increasing pressure to test potential and current employees for drug
use.  Right now 87% of the Fortune 500 corporations are drug testing.
Companies doing business with the government must abide by the Drug-Free
Workplace Act and test their employees.
Drug tests have something very much in common with searches of your car or
person -- that is, you have more rights if you DO NOT consent to the
search. When you consent, you surrender your rights.
Should you, by pressure of economics have to apply for work with a company
that does urine drug testing there are many things you should know:
*   Drug testing laboratories have less quality control regulations than
*   Your urine specimen will change hands many times before actual
analysis.  This "chain of custody" as it is called, is very important as
many companies send in their samples via the postal service with
who-knows-who handling the containers.  Many are reportedly received
damaged, leaking, or with labels having fallen off.  This leaves open a
high probability for mix- ups and other errors.
*   Chemical agents used in testing have limited shelf-lives which can also
trigger false positives.
If you are determined to avoid false positives, here are some things you
will want to avoid:
Ibuprofen -- A common pain reliever has caused false positives for
marijuana use.
Poppy seeds -- On breads has led to false positives for opiates.
Cold remedies -- Sometimes result in false positives for amphetamine use.
If you are aware that you soon have to submit to a urine drug test, here
are some things you will want to keep in mind:
1.  Hyper saturating your body with water and other fluids will dilute
metabolites possibly below readable levels.  Flush your system out.
2.  Drinking vinegar DOES NOT WORK. Plus it's really nauseating.
3.  Goldenseal also DOES NOT WORK. Some labs are reportedly testing for
goldenseal along with looking for drugs.
4.  Don't give urine from your first urination of the day as it can be
heavily laden with metabolites.  Urinate a couple of times before giving a
test sample.
5.  If you truly believe that your rights and survival are worth fighting
for, you may be able to sabotage your cup of urine to frustrate analysis
    A.  Adding a few drops of liquid chlorine bleach via eyedropper to your
        specimen or,
    B.  Dropping in Draino or powder bleach crystals to block the analysis.
        (Crystals can be concealed under the fingernails.)
	C.  Dilute sample heavily with water. 
    D.  Substituting someone else's urine.  Approximate age and sex of the
        urine provider can also be determined, so choose who you borrow
        from carefully.
Remember:  Many labs and employers check for color, temperature, and
sediment in samples.  Be careful and attentive.
Taking a B-complex vitamin the night before and day of a urine test will
assure that your urine is a natural yellow color.
Products That Can Protect Your Privacy:

    If you are subject to random tests, you will want to carry Urine Aid in
your wallet.  Just pour it into the sample. Only effective for pot, not
cocaine or heroin.  Only $25 from the Butterfield- Jay Foundation at (405)
521-URINE.  They'll ship next day Federal Express for an extra $10.  (Long
distance calls returned collect in the evening.)  Tell them that the GREEN
PANTHERS! sent you.

Naturally Clean herbal tea.  When consumed shortly before a test, is an
effective product in defeating urine drug tests for pot and other drugs.  A
sample can be obtained for a $20 shipping and handling charge by calling
1-800-447- 4692.  Tell them GREEN PANTHERS! sent you.
Other Informative GREEN PANTHERS! Publications
* GREEN PANTHERS! Action Manual  How to resist in your city!
* Revolutionary Toker - The most informative drug war news anywhere.
* The Drug Users Self-Defense Guide Hippie bashing on the rise.  Fight
* GREEN PANTHERS S/HIT LIST.  Enemy 1-800 numbers!
* Tell them what you think of their war!
* Raid-Proofing Your Home
For other resources to assist you in resisting the War On Drugs see center
back panel. Count Me In!

                            RAID PROOF YOUR HOME

    Curtains made of heavy, opaque fabric will conceal your movements from
outside observation.  Hang curtains securely to resist their being knocked
down by gunfire and concussion grenades that land on the window sill.

    Floorboards can be removed from beneath lower floor windows to make
that "first step" a real lulu.  Sharp, gooey or even living contents can be
waiting for the unwitting nazi who steps into the pit. Walls:  An old
fashioned stone walled house offers the best protection.  Standard house
walls will not even stop pistol bullets.

    Sandbags offer excellent protection and can be concealed behind desks,
headboards and other furniture.  They should be stacked like bricks and
tightly pressed together.  A great source for free filled sandbags is
beneath the millions of orange construction barrels that litter the
nation's roads and highways. Rooms and Hallways: You can deny entry to such
places by installing a tangle of barbed wire, or better yet razor wire,
three or four layers thick.  Make coils approximately three feet in
diameter, and stack them to head height.  Secure the layers together with
bits of strong wire, and then wedge and nail boards across the room to
prevent the use of a shield or door to push through the entanglement.

    Military fragmentation and concussion grenades will not phase wire
obstacles. Stairs: One of the best blocking ideas we've seen is the proper
use of "lubricants."

    Start by removing carpeting to expose smooth wood.  Keep a couple of
five gallon cans filled with very soapy water ready to be spilled down the

    Unused stairways can have rows of 2"x12"x8' boards that have been
studded with sharp nails, installed permanently. Upper Floors:   Two layers
of sandbags placed over sheets of 1" thick plywood on the floor will stop
the enemy from shooting through, should they break in downstairs.  Also use
sandbags along external walls. Rooftop:    Defend from helicopter- borne
and foot soldier attack by using coils of wire and vertical poles.  A less
obvious method is to create a "carpet" of nails three feet wide around the
edge to prevent the enemy from lowering into windows.  Snip off heads of
nails with bolt cutters and sharpen with a grinding wheel after driving
into roof securely.  Paint spikes to match color of shingles for a less
obvious appearance.
Chimney:    Fill chimney with chicken wire to prevent grenades from
dropping into your living room.  Have a fabric "plug" ready in case teargas
is pumped down into your house.  Take a minute now and examine how the flue
is constructed in your particular chimney.  It's much better than trying to
figure it out with gas billowing in your face. Basement:   In many cases,
the basement is the best place for an emergency exit.  A tunnel leading to
an adjacent property, large drainage pipes, thicket of bushes or your
vehicle is worth consideration.  Design your escape hatch to be camouflaged
before and after you have used it.  Other Considerations:

    Raids can occur at any time, but most often take place in the predawn

    Keep a flashlight, small supply of food, water, clothes, shoes and
other necessities in a "panic kit" that can be picked up as you run by.
And don't forget to flush your stash!

    Be sure to include motion detectors, gas masks, guard dogs and fire
extinguishers in your preparations.

    Your family should decide in advance what action to take under
different scenarios.  If you are unsure what scenarios to prepare for, read
Chapter 5 of the GREEN PANTHERS Action Manual and see the movie Home Alone.

    With more and more homes being attacked in paramilitary raids, GREEN
PANTHERS! offers the following suggestions on how to protect your family
and property:
Doors:  Replace all hollow doors with solid wood or metal ones.  Deadbolt
locks are okay for stopping the average junkie looking for a TV to steal,
but will probably not stop a tactical entry team.  Add heavy slide latches
at the top and bottom of exterior doors.  The "Door Club" (made by the
company that makes "The Club") will also help slow battering rams.

    The old fashioned door lock consisting of a heavy wooden beam resting
in large hooks on either side of the door is still the best lock ever

Windows: Chicken wire and/or pieces of cyclone fencing nailed in place will
prevent entry and block "distraction devices" such as Flash Bang and
teargas grenades from being tossed in. Plant Chinese Holly and Barberry
bushes in a thickness of at least three feet out from the window. These
plants are sharp and prickly and will snag and tear clothing and skin.
Anyone who's ever worked around these bushes will attest to their

Standard Disclaimer 
    Undertaking these structural modifications can be dangerous work,
exposing you to cuts, bruises and even broken bones if you're not careful.
Don't make your house so tight you cannot get out.  Be especially careful
when tunneling.  GREEN PANTHERS! assumes no liability if you break
something as a result of information in this article.  Use good sense.

                     GREEN PANTHERS! Self-Defense Guide

YOU Can Do Something About Assaults On Marijuana and Drug Users!
    As a result of the extreme media hype by the Partnership for a Drug
Free America, D.A.R.E, Straight, and other hate groups which depict drug
users as evil sub-humans who have no rights, many stoners are being
violently attacked by anti-drug bigots.
    In response, GREEN PANTHERS! have formulated this step-by-step guide
for self- defense against a street assault that will help you deal with
just about any situation that may arise.
An Attack On One Of Us Is An Attack On ALL Of Us!
    If you are alone or outnumbered, these are your primary Self-Defense
*   In a verbal assault, you can: Avoid It:  Use common sense and intuition
to evaluate the situation and walk away.
*	If the situation continues: 
Speak Up:  Demand they leave you alone. Look for sympathetic bystanders and
ask for their help.

Express your feelings: Example:  "Don't just stand there, help me!"

Run:    If you are in danger, your first option is to run.  Leave the area
as fast as possible.

Whistle:  Whistles are effective in bringing assistance.  Buy the loudest
whistle available. Always carry and be prepared to use it. Continue blowing
your whistle as you are running away.
    If you wear the whistle around your neck, the cord can be used to choke
you or to pull you down.  Use light, easily snapped string. NOTE:  Many
people recognize the sound of a whistle as being a call for help.  If you
hear a whistle being blown, go to the source.  Consider the possibility of
helping.  Do not blow your whistle frivolously!

Alarms:  If you are attacked or chased, attract attention by setting off
fire alarms, or by slapping on house or building windows, and hitting or
kicking parked cars to activate alarms.  Make lots of noise!

Shelter:  Be aware of places of shelter along your route.  Go where there
are people.  These include stores, restaurants, bars, subway or bus
stations and private houses.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.
*   If the situation is unavoidable, your other actions to take include:
Shout:  Shout NO! as loud as you can.  Plant a foot forward by stomping on
the ground.  If they do not stop;

Punch:  Accompany your foot stomp and shout with a single forceful blow to
the attackers throat diaphragm or stomach.  If they do not stop;

Kick:  A well placed, full power kick to the front or side of the knee will
cripple anybody.

Stomp:  Ram your foot onto the instep of their foot.  Causes great pain and
can break bones.

Poke:   If the person will not stop their attack, do an imitation of Moe
from the Three Stooges and ram your fingers into the assailants eyes. This
is really gross, but if properly done will change your attackers mind
*   The following are non-lethal weapons you can defend yourself with:

Mace and Pepper Sprays: In some areas Mace requires a permit from the
police to be legal.  Effective use requires some practice.  Try to position
yourself to get the wind blowing toward your attacker in order to not get
Maced yourself.
Stun Gun:  May be used to threaten or kept secret to surprise assailant.
Delivers a potentially disabling dose of electric current. IMPORTANT!  Stun
guns require direct physical contact with the recipient of the shock.  You
have to get in very close.
Keys:  Walk with your keys protruding from between your fingers.  Aim for
eyes and drag down across cheeks to leave identifiable marks for police.
Kubaton Sticks: Small metal or high-tech plastic "mini-clubs" available
from martial arts supply houses and by mail order from the backs of gun and
knife magazines.  With adequate practice these can quickly end an attack.
 NOTE:  Be aware that carrying a weapon may give you a false sense of
security.  You should always be ready and able to defend yourself using
just your body.  Use weapons only where it's legal or permitted and/or be
ready to face the legal hassles.  Weapons should always be your last line
of defense.
*	Street Safety Tips: 
*	Travel when mentally alert 
*	Take a Self-Defense course 
*	Don't walk alone 
*	Walk with confidence 
*	Don't wear headphones 
*	Carry a whistle 
*	Know your route 
*	Make others aware of your route 
*   Call friends after arriving home or leaving
*   Carry extra cash for bus, cab or other transportation
*	Remember:  
*	Refuse to be a drug war victim. 
*	No one has the right to attack you. 
*   You have the right to defend yourself by fighting back if attacked.
*   Be aware of self-defense options and be prepared to use them.
*   Encourage friends to learn and practice self-defense.
*   Come to the aid of others who are attacked. Join the Resistance!

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Other Informative Flyers from GP!
*   Stoner Self Defense 
*   Defeating Urine Drug Tests 
*   Raid-proofing Your Home 
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