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From: (David Borden)
Subject: Needle Exchange Video -- FIRE IN OUR HOUSE
Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 12:56:29 GMT

  The following announcement comes to you courtesy of the Foundation for 
  Drug Policy Awareness / Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet).  For 
  more information, e-mail "", or contact: DRCNet, P.O. 
  Box 381813, Cambridge, MA 02238-1813; phone: (617) 648-2655; fax: 648-2713.


Please copy and distribute.

About Fire in Our House

Despite the wealth of information supporting needle exchange programs and 
their ability to prevent HIV, many exchanges remain illegal and 
underfunded.  The AIDS epidemic continues and people are dying.

Fire in Our House is a 10-minute video that illustrates the impact that 
needle exchange programs have had on drug users, their families and 
communities. As a strategic tool that personalizes the terms of the 
debate, Fire in Our House increases public awareness about needle 
exchange, influences policies and inspires grassroots mobilization.

At $15 per tape, Fire in Our House is accessible to individuals and 
grassroots organizations to enhance their fight against the spread of 

Fire in Our House is a MayDay Media production.

About MayDay Media

MayDay Media is a non-profit production and distribution group that uses 
video as the center force in campaigns that fight racism, sexism, 
classism and homophobia.  MayDay provides a forum where, in collaboration 
with experienced and creative forces, active communities can carve out an 
integral role in the development and dissemination of culturally diverse 
and socially relevant programs.

The unique character of MayDay Media rests in the small, flexible crew, 
low-cost nature of the productions, innovative distribution plans, and 
investment of communities and activists in the project. MayDay Media is a 
project of Video/Action Fund.

About the Producers

Vanessa Vadim and Rory Kennedy are Co-founders and Executive Directors of 
MayDay Media.  Vanessa Vadim is an independent producer and 
cinematographer.  Rory Kennedy recently completed a 3-part documentary 
series and outreach project entitled Women of Substance.  Emmy Award-
winning producer Robin Smith is the Founder and President of Video/Action 
Fund, and consultant to MayDay Media.

For free preview copies of Fire in Our House and the Resource Guide, 
please contact:

MayDay Media
1077 30th Street, NW, Suite 102, Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: (202) 338-1094  Fax: (202) 342-2660

Make This Video Work to Save Lives

Contact MayDay Media to get a free preview copy of Fire in Our House.  
Use the video in local efforts to increase the availability of needle 
exchange programs and other harm reduction efforts.

Organize a screening of Fire in Our House.  Collaborate with local needle
exchange programs, AIDS services, health care providers, drug treatment 
practitioners, medical professionals, community leaders and elected 
officials.  Consider special screenings followed by a panel discussion at 
local schools, hospitals, religious and community centers.

Work with other activists and educators to distribute Fire in Our House 
along with other needle exchange materials that are geared toward your 
local political climate.

Broadcast the video.  Anyone can put a show on community access channels-
take advantage!  Invite needle exchange providers and AIDS activists to 
do a round-table discussion following the screening.

Send a copy of Fire in Our House to government officials at the local, 
state and federal levels. Urge them to support needle exchange programs.  
(See the government pages in your telephone directory for listings). 
Follow up with a letter, phone call, fax or e-mail.

For information on existing needle exchange programs, contact:

	North American Syringe Exchange Network (David Purchase)
	535 Dock Street, Suite 112
	Tacoma, WA 98402
	Phone: (206) 272-4857
	Fax: (206) 272-8415


The Drug Reform Coordination network (DRCNet) is a non-profit entity 
dedicated to getting the word out to activists on what they can do to work 
for reform of the nation's drug laws and other related laws and policies.  
The Foundation for Drug Policy Awareness is an educational organization 
that aims to raise public awareness of issues surrounding drug policy.  
DRCNet solicits information from national and state level activist groups 
on how people can help them work for reform, and makes frequent announcements 
by e-mail, fax, mail and phone to its "rapid-response team".  DRCNet also 
publishes "The Activist Guide" newsletter on a monthly basis.  Full 
membership in the Drug Reform Coordination Network is $25, and includes 
The Activist Guide and membership in the rapid-response team.   Newsletter 
alone is $18 for 12 issues, and rapid-response team alone is $10.  
(All material is available by e-mail for free.)  For more information on our
publications and educational outreach projects, contact:

DRCNet, P.O. Box 381813, Cambridge, MA 02238-1813
(617) 648-2655 / fax: 648-2713 / e-mail:

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