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California's Imitation Controlled Substance Act
Archived Jan 2005
SECTION 109525-109555

109525.  This chapter shall be known as the "California Imitation
Controlled Substances Act."

109530.  Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions in
this article govern the construction of this chapter.

109535.  "Controlled substance" means a substance as defined in
Section 11007.

109540.  "Distribute" means the actual, constructive, or attempted
transfer, delivery, or dispensing to another of an imitation
controlled substance.

109545.  "Manufacture" means the production, preparation,
compounding, processing, encapsulating, packaging or repackaging,
labeling or relabeling, of an imitation controlled substance.

109550.  "Imitation controlled substance" means (a) a  product
specifically designed or manufactured to resemble the physical
appearance of a controlled substance, that a reasonable person of
ordinary knowledge would not be able to distinguish  the imitation
from the controlled substance by outward appearances, or (b) a
product, not a controlled substance, that, by representations made
and by dosage unit appearance, including color, shape, size, or
markings, would lead a reasonable person to believe that, if
ingested, the product would have a stimulant or depressant effect
similar to or the same as that of one or more of the controlled
substances included in Schedules I through V, inclusive, of the
Uniform Controlled Substances Act, pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing
with Section 11053) of Division 10.

109555.  The provisions of this chapter are cumulative, and shall
not be construed as restricting any remedy, provisional or otherwise,
provided by law for the benefit of any party.