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Notes on
Drug Law in Pakistan and Peshawar
1.0 May 3, 2006
The following are collected notes about drug laws and are not intended to be definitive.
  • Penalties for Trafficking
    The penalties for being convicted of Trafficking in illegal drugs can be punishable by the Death Penalty in Pakistan (according to

  • Cannabis & Hashish Availability
    I've looked for official references, but haven't found much. I know these things because I'm from this country and it's known amongst the people. I didn't read it in a book or on a website.

    Peshawar borders Afghanistan. Opium, heroin and charash (hash) are almost all manufactured in Afghanistan and come into Pakistan thru Peshawar. From there they are smuggled throughout Pakistan and eventually going to Europe and other places in the world.

    Pathans (people from Peshawar) are known to have charas with them anywhere in Pakistan. Truck drivers are usually from Peshawar. I'm in Skardu, and when we were young, my friends and I would go up to a truck when it's stopped and ask for charas. The driver (Pathans are nice people) would give us some for free. Also if you want to buy charas, you can just hop in a taxi and ask the driver. Unless they look religious (beard, wear a toupee and have religious stickers/ornaments inside the taxi), they will usually give you some info.

    Pakistan officially follows the Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997.

    -- IM, May 2006