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Spiral Erowid Zip Hoodie
This black mid-weight zip hoodie (80/20) has front pockets,
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Classic Psychonaut Quotes
Collected by Erowid, July 2002
Thanks to anonymous Leriites and many submitters.
On Boosting / Redosing
"I don't feel anything. Maybe we should boost."
"This stuff is supposed to start coming on in 60 minutes. But it's been 60 minutes and I'm not really feeling anything. I'm going to take more."
On Doing Too Much
"Dude, I can't believe you eyeballed that."
"If some is good, more is better."
"I think I may have taken too much."
"The vial was empty, so I rinsed it out with a little water and drank it..."
Perils of poorly labelled chemicals
"Oh shit, I'm not sure if that was the [] or the []!"