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by Rob Bailey
Archived by Erowid, 04/2001
Erowid Note: This page is included in Erowid's "Humor" section and is not intended as factual or correct scientific information.
E. At first no one knew about it. Then word started to get out. Soon it wasn't for a small fringe of people. Everyone heard about it. The euphoria, the rush, the feeling that old rules didn't apply anymore. Preppies, hippies, everyone started to get into it.

This one letter caused an explosion in global popular consciousness. It was a social equalizer. It made heroes of knob twirling technicians. It once again put the Bay Area on the map of people's minds.

Young people flocked to it. They left behind reason, old rules and social norms. Suddenly things were just like the sixties. The older generation and their wise words no longer seemed right, or God forbid, relevant.

This one letter made grown men and women loose their senses, dress differently and rediscover childhood toys. Sitting in a neon inflatable green chair seemed like a normal thing to be doing on a Thursday night. Whole buildings were gutted, and re-fitted as true warehouses to accomodate this crazy revolution. The epicenters of "cutting edge" changed. It wasn't New York anymore. It was San Francisco. London. Tokyo. Amsterdam.

It peaked. So many of the old rules seemed irrelevant that it seemed like it was only a question of time before the laws of gravity and motion might be repealed. It was a new era.

Then it ended. There comedown was hard. As quickly as the rush started, it stopped. It was painful. The world seemed cloudy again, and the older generation seemed to have gotten the last laugh. All of those children's games and gushing conversations seemed stupid. Misguided.

The future changed. That quote from that famous author seemed true again: "The future ain't what it used to be." Young people were left wondering what was next. Was it really back to the old rules? Back to the khaki pants and Polo long sleeved shirts?

I'm referring to ***E***-Commerce of course.

What did you think I was writing about?