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From: (Tapani Leinonen)
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Banadine works!
Date: 29 Dec 1993 00:12:10 GMT
Message-ID: <2fqi0q$>

Well, there's been a lot of false information given about bannana peels lately,
so once and for all, here are The Definitive Instructions for Smoking Bannana

              The Definitive Instructions for Smoking Bannana Peels
                                     by Me

Step 1-
Go to the grocery store and buy 10 pounds of bannanas.  (You used to need 200
pounds, but the potency has gone up 20x in the last 30 years.)

Step 2-
Remove the skins from the fruit.  Save the fruit for later- if you mix it with
orange juice and drink it will you're smoking, it'll make you trip real hard.

Step 3-
Dry the skins in the microwave.  This won't affect the potency, as bannadine is
not microwave soluble.

Step 4-
The next two steps are a simple nonpolar-polar extraction of the bannadine.
This is necessary to get rid of the fungicide they put on the skins, which is a
type of strychnine.
Grind up the dried peels really well, and soak them in methylene chloride
(zippo lighter fluid makes a good substitute).  Let soak for 2 days, and then
rinse well with ether.  Discard the liquid and save the mush.

Step 5-
Take the mush from step 4 and soak it in ethyl alcohol for another 2 days.
Filter, and put the mush aside- you won't be smoking it.

Step 6-
Evaporate the alcohol.  The resultant crystals are 150% pure bannadine.  Put
these in your pipe, light up and enjoy!  (Keep reading for the secret step 7!)

Secret Step 7-
Bannadine is normally only active when smoked; that's why eating bannanas won't
do anything.  However, that mush left over from step 5 is pretty tasty, and
PEANUT SKINS!!!  Yes, its true.  I looked up the structure, and it turns out
bannadine is really closely related to DMT- it has carbon atoms and everything!

Hope this helps!  And all of you who say bannanas don't work can just shut up
From: (David Van Assche)
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 19:53:58 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
Subject: Re: banana peels

: okay... i've heard a little about smoking banana peels from different sources
: (the dead milkmen :) ) but what does it really do? how do you prepare the peels
: for ingestion? what is the usaual effective dosage? and which neurotransmitters
: in the brain are most effected? any info you are willing to share would be of
: great help. also, any info on growing herb. and processing it. please reply
: email, because i often don't have the time to look through all of these posts.
: thank you much...

Ok, Banana peels have a substance called Bananadine in them which is a 
psychoactive tryptamine chemically related to LSD and DMT. I would say it 
lies somewhere in between. Now, to extract the Bananadine one must scarpe 
the chemical from the inside of the banana peels and then there are two 
ways to freebase it. It is only active if you smoke it, although I`ve 
heard of some people injecting it (Although this is dangerous because 
banadine has strychnine in it, permenantly binding the bananadine to the 
spine, where crystals may form if taken too often)
Anyway, to freebase, the best method is to mix 1/3 banandine with 2/3 
baking soda (Bicarbonate) and then slowly mix in water and bring the 
mixture to boiling temperature. You should be left with a rock like 
substance which looks very much like crack (hence... the street name: 
Banrack) This is then smoked through a crack pipe for best results... or 
simply heat and inhale the fumes. The other way is to simply make a joint 
with the bananadine and smoke it.... but this smoking it pure gives more 
of a Peanut high effect, which is undesirable for some people.
Bananadine works by entering the blood stream and going to the brain 
where it is converted to the neurotransmitter Bananodin, where it is
taken up by a group of receptors called the Bananyocine receptors.

The high is very very intense, and one can get addicted to it the first 
time you take a hit, mostly because of the action of strychnine, which 
inhibts the bananyocine receptors and causes chromosome damage, which can 
eventually lead to a fluctuation in hormone levels causing men to grow 
I would recommend you to try it though cause its defenitly worth the high 
it gives.... ohhh... and it also makes sex the most intense thing ever 
experienced... orgasms are heightened to the extent that some people are 
known to have gotten heart attacks...

:                   steve anderson
:                          univ nc charlotte
:                          opinions here are my own.

--- Debaser (David Laurence)