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Storage Tips:
Label Psychedelics Clearly
by Erowid
Dec 2001
Citation:   Erowid. "Storage Tips: Label Psychedelics Clearly". Erowid Extracts. December 2001;2:18.
Careful labelling of substances and appropriate storage are both important parts of responsible psychoactive use.

Don't use food containers for psychoactives. Even if it seems like it would never happen, it's not at all uncommon for a guest to see a food or beverage container and eat or drink out of it. This goes for cannabis cookies in the cookie jar on the kitchen counter, ayahuasca in a tea bottle in the fridge, GHB in a water bottle in the cupboard, etc. Many unpleasant and dangerous experiences can be avoided if strong psychoactives are never confusable with food or drink.

Storing white powders unlabelled can also come back to bite you. If you've ever been in the possession of more than one white powder at a time, figure out a way to label them. No matter how sure you are that you'll remember what each is, time passes, memories fade, & other people get involved. Often people choose not to label items out of fear. Cryptic abbreviations are far better than nothing when you're trying to remember which vial contains the MDMA and which contains 2C-T-7.