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Comments on Combining Syrian Rue with Psilocybin Mushrooms
by Erowid, AliceDee, Inky, Bomberman
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Comments from AliceDee

In my experience, I've found that, if taken in juice, consuming Syrian Rue 15 minutes before the fungi will suffice; in capsules tend to think 30 minutes prior would be preferable.

Syrian Rue can cause nausea in some people, although many find that it varies. Higher doses of Syrian Rue will generally result in more nausea. Fasting or eating a little white rice prior to consuming it can help the nausea considerably. Ginger, mint and of course Medical MJ help to reduce nausea in case it becomes a problem. (although MJ will also have a qualitative effect on the experience).

Besides possibly having a potentiating effect on the tryptamines due to its MAOI properties, as Earth mentions, Syrian Rue is entheogenic in itself and adds to a typical fungi experience in several possible ways:

  1. More lethargic (it encourages laying back and paying attention to the visions)
  2. More 'Other' (a voice that helps to interpret the visions is sometimes observed)
  3. More intense (see below)
  4. The experience tends to comes on in waves, with a calmer time in between which can facillitate integration of the experience.

Regarding increased intensity, it is reasonable to expect that a 3g Syrian Rue + 3g fungi experience is going to be somewhat more intense (perhaps by a factor of two) than a 3g fungi experience alone since one is adding the MAOI and entheogenic effects of 3g Syrian rue to the 3g of fungi.. However, please note that this does *not* mean that it is going to be equal to a 6g fungi experience since one is not in fact taking 6g of fungi.


Comments from Inky

I have found that when i do combine shrooms with this mix, not only does it potentiate the trip, it changes it qualitatively for me. One possible adjective I could use is that it gives me an inkling that i'm experiencing 'ancientness'. Its very hard to put a finger on it.

Comments from Bomberman

First off, my recommendation from experience and talking with many others would be to try only the mushrooms if it's your first time. And if you don't get a solid dose the first time, don't try to potentiate it the next time. Try to develop a feel for what a solid dose of psilocybin is like on its own before you start throwing other things into the mix. For one thing, MAOIs will extend the duration a few hours, and if you happen to potentiate yourself into an uncomfortable space, it will be that much longer. Also, you will be a better judge of the qualitative changes that are happening with MAOIs if you are more familiar with the state on its own. This may take a few sessions. If your first experience is boring or mediocre, you haven't taken enough... I Guarantee It. (please note the Official Guarantee). The mushroom is deep enough by itself to warrant a handful of sessions at least to become properly acquainted. Proceed cautiously.

With regard to qualitative changes from MAOIs, you will hear different opinions about this. Moclobemide definitely has an advantage in that the doses are exact. However, I have heard reports from a number of people who did not like the combination with mushrooms and preferred the quality of mushrooms alone. Some of these same people reported that they liked the combination with syrian rue a lot better. You just have to feel it out in your own psyche. Take everyone's opinions with a grain of salt. I think that attempting to describe the subjective qualitative changes that are wrought by these different MAOIs is altogether tricky (talking about these experiences to begin with is tricky, and even moreso with the combinations. By tricky I mean I am not sure I would be communicating anything that could be relevant to you - especially if you gotten to know the mushrooms yet!)

Comments from Entheogen Review

Combing P. harmala with P. Cubensis

You asked me to tell you when I knew the results of my proposed experiments with P. harmala and P. cubensis. I have since found that one gram of harmala extract more than doubled the effects of two grams of cubensis. That is, subjectively, the experience was at least as strong as previous five gram doses - a true example of "less is more!" The experience was qualitively different also - colors seemed not quite as vived, though more patterns were pronounced; I was physically almost unable to move for two or three hours (making shamanistic work all but impossible), and the trip lasted at least two hours longer than expected, with a long slow decline after the peak. Be careful, though - I unthinkingly drank a cup of coffee the next day and quickly developed a splitting headache. This was possibly the effect of MAO inhibition, since I practically never get headaches of any kind.

Best luck with The Entheogen Review.