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An Extraction from Syrian Rue
by Talis (1996)
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Started with 4 oz of Pegnum Harmala, which was ground to a fine powder in a coffee grinder. When the seeds are ground up, you will have to piles of materials, first and most useful is the red/brown powder. The second, are the seeds themselves which appear as white nuts, I toss these, as it is my understanding that the active agents are found in the seed coat.

I was left with 54 grams of fine powder, this was placed in a jar, 1 liter of 40%/60% water white vinegar and was left to stand for 4-5 days, shaken/stirred up a couple of times a day. Next, the liquid was filtered threw a cloth tea bag, squeezed out, at this point I discarded the plant material, in hindsight Id wished I had saved the material to be re-extracted, Ill do so in the future. The liquid was then allowed to sit in the jar for a few days, to allow as much sediment to settle as possible. The resultant liquid was then filtered through a piece of lab type filter paper.

The resulting reddish liquid, by this time being nice and sediment free. I brought this to a slow boil, once at boiling, approx. 60 grams of table salt where added, and let dissolve. Once it was completely dissolve, flask was removed from the heat, and allowed to cool, by the next morning, the liquid was quite full of reddish/orange crystals, with a little bit of sediment mixed in at the bottom, to get rid of this, I re-boiled the liquid, and filtered the boiling hot solution, re-heated, and added about 30 grams additional salt. Which the liquid was still able to absorb.

This liquid, was once more allowed to cool and crystallize, the left over liquid was siphoned off, and the crystals allowed to filter out, the next morning, I was left with about a 3 grams of a combination micro crystals, and some larger ones. Once this material was completely dried, I placed it in my mortar and pestle and crushed it to a fine, orange powder.


The powder was sampled sub-lingual, starting with 500 mg, noticed light feelings that I associate with P.harmala, so after about 20 minutes, I measured out an additional 600 mg and took this sublingually. Effects where immediate and noticeable in the numbing of the mouth, followed by increasing amounts stoniness. I have restarted an additional extraction, which I will extract two or three times, with the addition of low heat boil, to help extract the active ingredient. I'm planning to re-dissolve the remaining red crystal powder in the new liquid, and use this to increase the amounts of Harmaline, etc.