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Salvia Extraction
Isopropanol or Reagent Grade Acetone

See also : Water then Acetone Extraction
See also : Denatured Alcohol Extraction

Either Isopropanol or reagent grade acetone:

  1. Put leaves in glass beaker with reagent grade acetone for 3 days.
    * Note the solvent turns green and leaf becomes paler.
  2. Strain leaves out of acetone, pouring acetone into glass double boiler / beaker in hot waterbath.
  3. Reserve spent leaves.
  4. Boil acetone to evaporate as much solvent as possible.
  5. Add small amount of spent salvia leaves to oily residue and stir leaves to remove residue from glass.
  6. Remove leaf
  7. Add more acetone to beaker/double boiler to redisolve oily residue clinging to glass.
  8. Repeat evaporation procedure.
  9. Add spent leaves to another volume of acetone and repeat steps 1-8 above.
Using 1 ounce dried salvia leaf and ~100 ml acetone, the yield was 2gm final dry 'super salvia'... This product should be used carefully, perhaps with a sitter because it is strongly entheogenic.