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Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Hop-head)
Date: Thu,  6 Jan 1994 15:51:23 UTC
Subject: Legal heroin. Was: Re: How to something or other

[quoted articles deleted -cak]

OK. This posting is strictly for information purposes only and is*not* 
meant as an encouragement to break the law. Please post questions to this
group as I do not want e-mail on this topic. Thank you.

First, buy some seeds. Papaver Somniforum is very common and seeds are
advertised in most good seed catalogues. If you have trouble, Thompson and
Morgan are a good place to start. (They also sell seeds for peyote cacti
and other cool stuff.)

Then, plant them. They need virtually no care whatsoever. The following
year, you don't have to plant because they spread like wildfire. There are
invariably more unwanted opium poppies than there are weeds in my garden
each year.

When the flowers go to seed, scrape the seed pods with a pin. Do it all
around the pod. As you do so, you will see little blobs of white coming
out. Leave the wounds to seep for a few hours.

A couple of hours later, go back and harvest your opium. By now, the white
blobs will have turned into black tar that can be scraped off and collected
on an old, blunt dinner knife or some such.

This really does work, and it is legal to grow the flowers. (at least, it
is in the UK.) However, once you start to scratch them, I suspect that you
become party to a conspiracy to manufacture. Not very clever. So be

As far as the conversion to heroin goes, I've no idea, but as they say in
the hills of Thailand/Burma, "anybody who smokes more than three pipes of
opium a day is an addict".